by Ariel Consonni
(St.Cathareins, ON, Canada)

You could do it on preventing procrastination. All you have to do is show how to avoid procrastination. Create your own tips, show the orgin of the word meaning, why we use it, and so on.

by: Olivia, Michigan

How to make a fortune teller to predict information about a person's life and it could even help to prevent from happening feelings of defering public speaking efforts perhaps?

by: James, Orlando

How to get a life. Or better: offer methods to improve or transform the quality of their life.

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Cardiologist Salary
by: Uli Temper, Aachen, Germany

Much to do about nothing – to cite playwright William Shakespeare – or a real altercation similar to the loans of financial bankers in times of crisis. Do they earn too much and should there be a required to cap their salaries?

My hypothesis is this: life issues versus money matters. So cardiologists may earn a huge amount of money for their live saving and extrending work. And financials not.

It becomes more absorbingwhen you turn the discussion up side down. Argue in favor of the bankers instaed of the medical doctors. That is a nice way to put things in antother perpective.

by: Asheri Guan

Being a good tv host is crafmanship. You looks is one, but your tone of voice is two. There are lots of masterclasses for tv presentation. And not for dummies. Professionals who are arrived and very experienced in the business and seem to have feel of procrastination or what – like golf pros – who can coach you trough the whole content loaded process in bringing the news headlines in milions of viewers’ homes. Assess the dozens of courses you will find on the internet and their usability.

College Ratings
by: Huifang, Hong Kong

My best speech topics tip is: What are the coolest and highest rated universities in the world, your region or country? On what basis are they the choosen ones? What are the key factors and conditions, who decides that? Is there some kind of an independent authority who guards the voting process. What about colleges and universities that tumbles down in a top 100 rating. You also could write a speech on college football rankings. How they are determined and published. Do not forget the seriouseness of the commercial interests many fooball club owners seem to have at stake in this ranking competition. It ranges a whole lot of money for them …

by: Britney, Sydney

Talk about some thing that has or has not happen to u.

Procrastination Qoutes
by: Wahiba, UAE

Give the benefits an advantages of procrastination in public speaking. That could be about the art of, reverse motivational quotes. Or like Mario Andretti has said: "If you wait, all that happens is that you get older ..." Bye!

Fearless Living
by: Rajdatta, India

a. Need to get rid of a lots of fears so as to enjoy life to the fullest.
b. Small fears - fear of communication with opposite sex, with teachers. parents, with boss,....
c. These fears can become limiting factors in overall growth of a person.
d. Very important to have a fearless world to live a king size life..

by: Crissy, Indiana

Make up a presentation on the spot, on failing during public speaking.

Brain or Beauty
by: Fazley, Kuala Terengganu

Why prefer brain and not beauty? State the causes why to prefer brains.

by: Harjot, British Columbia

1) New classmates
2) New teachers
3) School wide events

by: Maria Irfan, Islamabad,Pakistan

1. You should always ask a interesting question on your topic and force them to realize what you are saying.
2. You should bring the audience in your world.
3. Revised sharply.
4. Use good vocabulary.
5. Make a good opening, conclusion and ending and don't hurry if the time is over. Make a good ending of it.
6. Keep our vocal variety up.

I'm sure this will work and dont forget my points.

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