75 Problem Solution Speech Topics
and Ear-Catching Methods

Problem solution speech topics chapter including guidelines to help you to select, define and organize content for a public speaking program based on lets say the Monroe's motivational sequence or the Comparative Advantage Method.
In short, when it comes to a persuasive presentation first you have to convince your audience that there is a difficulty or complication and that you have the best reply.

Secondly, you have to visualize the statisfaction and convince them to agree with your suggested fix.

Motivate them to change their opinions, policies or regulations. Before you choose one of the problem solution speech topics in my list of examples you have to know the elements you have to develop.

These four essential elements are extracted from the very famous Monroe's Motivational Sequence for persuasion:

1. Problem - State the complication or that some conditions are not quite optimal, and why it's important. Let them realize the scope and effects. Appeal to reason and to the needs and emotions of the audience to persuade them.

2. Solution - Advocate an unfolding roadmap for the dilemma and causes, or a plan to satisfact the needs.

3. Visualization - Visualize the practicality of your key. Show how it will improve the situation, show their effectiveness and practicality. Prove that the alternatives are impractical and cause more disputes in order to overrule the objections against your decipherment.

4. Action - Convince them to agree, to change an existing policy or attitude, or move them to action in the way you propose in your public speaking ideas.

How to Select Your Problem Solution Speech Topics
If you are invited as public speaker because of your personal knowlegde or experience, then find out what the predicaments, interests and needs of your audience are. This deals with questions, opinions or controversies of change or policy. Be inquisitive.

However, there are speaker situations in which you can answer questions of facts and values. For example if you are a keynote speaker:
  • Are you the only keynote speaker or one of many?

  • If you are not the only one: do you have to argue with another speaker about your illumination?

  • Has your audience heard you before?

  • What is their impression of you or your organization?
If you are developing a something for educational purposes, answer these questions:
  • What are the exact assigment rules?

  • How long will your talk last?
Now let's have a look at the list below. Read the list carefully and brainstorm a bit about possible causes, obstacles, effects and solving.

These questions may help you to brainstorm and develop a short list of possible presentation ideas:
  • What do you like to talk about?

  • How long will your talk last?

  • What are your personal concerns and convictions?

  • Which of them are you interested in or you do know something about?

  • What are global, national, state, community or school related troubles, issues or controversies, and causes, effects and unravelments related to the text.

  • Is there a connection between some worriments and any of your personal experiences, expertises or personal goals?
Be inspired, use your fantasy and come up with new problem solution speech topics.


BUSINESS - Abusive Marketing, Bankruptcy, Corporate Whistleblowing, Foreign Import Concurrency, Job Opportunities, Unemployment, Subversive Advertising, Thwarted Career Goals, Unjustifiably Large Incomes, Work Environment.

EDUCATION - Academic Pressure, Cheating, Dropouts, Competency Tests, Lack Of Educational Opportunities, Parent Education, Sexeducation In Schools.

ENVIRONMENT - Acid Rain, Alternate Energy Sources, Climate Change.

FOOD AND HEALTH - Abuse Of Patent Medicines, Dangers Of Food Additives, Dental Health, Depression, Fat In Low Price Food Products, Food Labeling, Health Care, Integration Of The Disabled, Mentally Ill Matters, Survey Of Diets, Testtube Babies, Vegetarianism.

GLOBAL AND POLITICS - Food Shortages, International Threats, Overpopulation, Subsidizing Farms, US And UN Relationship

LEGISLATIVE AND JUDICIAL - Crime And Punishment, Drunk Driving Accidents, Effects Of Prejudice, Gun Control, Hate Crimes, Illegal Immigration, Safety And Security, Taxing Of Church Property.

SOCIAL ISSUES - Airbags, Cigarette Advertising, Decreasing Car Accidents, Discrimination, Domestic Violence, Family Breakdowns, Forced Retirement, Gambling, Speeches about Homelessness, Hobbies, Home, Internet Spam, Interpersonal Relationships, Loneliness, Minimum Wage Level, Peer Pressure, Reducing Neglect, Runaways, Self Esteem, Social Security, Teenage Runaways, Problems Of The Elderly, Of The Family, Of The Homeless, Of The Hungry, Tobacco Use, Underage Drinking, Voting System.

What Is The Matter?
By now, you have a short list of candidate problem solution speech topics. Let's move forward and develop them further. Examine the dimensions of the dilemmas or potential headaches.

Use this easy information checklist to define and refine:
  • What has been done till now or why not?

  • How could the obstacles be defined or described?

  • What are the duration and costs?

  • Will it become worse if nothing will be done?

  • Is immediate action required?
If your listeners understand there's a need or something that should be altered, they are more willing to accept the advantages and recommendations in your problem solution speech topics. For instance think about the social, physical, health, happiness, security, concerns, value and needs in the audiences' community.

Examine and make a brief preparation outline with the dimensions and the scope botherations.
  • Have your audience or other people been affected and in what way?

  • What could be your evidence, which facts and figures can prove the proper dimensions for them and that you're right?

  • What information can help them to understand the difficulties?
What Is The Fix?
List all the various potential options and alternatives. Imagine the features, aspects and merits that might persuade the audience by researching illustrations, facts, figures, expert testimonies and examples. Do it step by step like in a public speaking program, in each of them:
  • Select your best possible boon.

  • Demonstrate the workability of your plan by citing experts and refering to a successful implementation elsewhere in your ideas.

  • Recommendate procedures for implementing the ease.

  • What are the effects, costs and required actions?

  • Who should take action, and when and where?

  • What else is necessary?
NOTES: If the audience is devided, not sure or unaware of the bas situation your describe, then pay more attention to the urgency and the needs of your audience.

If they know it exist, then pay more attention in your problem solution speech topics to the reasonablity and workability of your plan.

In case you want to oppose to a change in policy, because another solution causes crunches, then emphazise the limitations and the dislikes.

How to Outline Your Problem And Solution Speech Topics?
These are the most used methods of developing and arranging:
  • Problem Solution Method
    Recommended if you have to argue that there is a social and current issue at stake and you have convince the listeners that you have the best solution. Introduce and provide background information to show what is wrong now.

    List the best and ideal conditions and situations. Show the options. Analize the proper criteria. And present your plan to solve the not wanted situation.

  • Problem Cause Solution Method
    Use this pattern for developing and identifying the source and its causes.

    Analyze the causes and propose elucidations to the causes.

  • Problem Cause Effect Method
    Use this method to outline the effects of the quandary and what causes it all. Prove the connection between financial, political, social causes and their effects.

  • Comparative Advantage Method
    Use this organizational public speaking pattern as recommendation in case everyone knows of the impasse and the different fixes and agrees that something has to be done.

    Compare the features and the differences of possible ways out and procedures. And explain why your path is the most preferable one.

Philosopher and classical philologist Friedrich Nietzsche contemplating on problems and solutions speech topics
The Purpose And Central Message
Summarize the bottomline of your persuasive public speaking address in one powerful and and cristal clear sentence: that will be your so-called oral statement. In that statement you must bring together the perplexity and the betterment.

And you are ready to convince your audience! First make them curious, and secondly, fulfill they desires. Here are 3 simple examples of statements for problem solution speech topics:

E.g. Severe Safety Rules Can Stop Decreasing Car Accidents

E.g. Sexeducation In Schools Will Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

E.g. A Better Railroadpassenger Service Will Attract More Clients

By now you have studied the main ideas for writing a public speaking speech. Go to the top right and display my pages with lots of random outlines.

Make a jump start, and follow the tips that I have put in as supplements:

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