2 Pro Con Speech Topics Rundown

Pro con speech topics on african wildlife tourism effects and the evergreen public speaking issue should your ruler be a king or a president as head of state? I have tested them in class and my students like to experience somewhat - so do the same :-) 

The statistics for nature-tourism in the southern African countries has been risen the last decades. Reason to grow a little awareness of the risks and the advantages of visiting people - most of them are from healty and welfare-rich countries from the western hemisphere.

What are the promotional, socio-economic, and environmental pros and cons concering African wildlife tourism?

I present three obvious arguments for this kind of persuasive pro con speech topics and ty to visualize them where possible:


PRO Tourist accomodations must be constructed and maintained, cleaned, and gardened, hosted and supervized. E.g. hotels and bars, parking places, taxi drivers national park guides and guards.

CON The work is often concentrated in the dry season - from the end of October till the early weeks of March. So many African workers in the hotel business are unemployed in the other seven to eight months of the year.


PRO a. The local incomes are low so investments in and ongoing maintenance efforts for keeping infrastuctural sites, roads and resorts will prosper. And thus affecting the well-being of the local wildlife or heritage site.

b. Increased tax income could be deployed in better serviced and coordinated cost-effective infrastructure, which may be used to fund local services and improve their respective infrastructures.

CON Unfortunately in most places less people will profit from the investments and taxes, due to the fact that local governmental bodies and authorities are often ruled by a few influencial elder councilmen.


PRO Wildlife safaris are promoted often in a successfull combination with conservation awareness campaigns. A double-teasing message to provide supportive funding streams.

CON Promotive activities lead to more tourism, thus more consumerism, thus spoiling of natural sources and littering of natural monumental places and flora and fauna. Complete this pro con speech topic idea with a - what I call – a self-extracting conclusion.

These pro con speech topics are meant to spice up the imagination of your listeners. Image that your country suddenly turns from a republic constituency into a monarchy.

Or the other way around. Discuss and explore these positive and negative implications, consequencies, and repercussions of the public speaking issue in detail. What about:
The confirmation of human freedoms and civil liberties, are they guaranteed by a constitution?

In a kingdom the head of state is a non-elected person of of noble birth - is that desirable?

What is the best model country for a republic or a monarchy?

What about the functions, responsibilities and mandatory powers of a king figure - a ceremonial or a political concept - who lost his mind and is not capable of taking any reasonable decisions or rulings?

What does the public speaking audience actually want? Change or certainly not?

A monarch as head of state is much preferable than a president because a monarch is a continuing factor for decades, thus enhancing social unity en stability.

You know the famous saying The King is Dead, Long Live The King is nice, but what if the new monarch is - and let's put that t politely - not really a rocket scientist ...

Presidential First Ladies are not princesses, so stop acting like that please! Easy persuasive pro con speech topics I must say :-)