Presentation on learning

by John

On the completion of your training in other orgenization: how we would need to prepare ourself for a good presentation infront of top management.

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Acting Dumb
by: Eneas, Kalyan-Dombivali

Asked yourself to play the dumb guy? Teach it. Manifest it for the group. These are the subdivisions: Dont read any books, never show up to school, do not learn and speak with proper english language, act like a blonde, but dumber. You can start by doing stupid things some people do. Tell about the implementations and results. And how ot avoid the influences on your student life style. Yield the outcomes in a sheet and use it as a pattern of guidance in real life puzzles. Last remark: did you know that some journalists tend to behave al little bit hockey and sometimes dull as dishwater to hear what want to hear? People tend to get talking when someone ask personal questions - a backup controversy for next time?

by: Robin, Ludhiana, India

Well a presentation means you may look into your papers and notes in front of a lot of people listening to your story. But when you do and exam there is no room for such 'cheating'. Let me teach you this trick on cheating and not get caught ... Reword the assignment and rewrite in your writing,.
Than put your name on it, just turn it in with your instructor and act like its yours. Just joking! Because cheating is of course punishable and you should not practize it, under no corcumstances! Learning by yourself is the gateway to success. Otherwise you fool yourself in a way and in the end you will be down and out. A masquerader bites her / himsef in the tail. So compose a draft or aan essay on why flimflaming is bad and what repercusions it may have.

Creating a Food Necklace
by: Jodie, Arkansas

This i what I want to share with you. A necklace like this could contain candy, but also fruit or raw vegetables (do think about the temperature of course! vegetables) A nice piece of learning by doing in the lower grades. The pupils can learn at onced where the different elements are growing and planted and harvested. Plus the various forms and types. Here are the steps for a fifteen minute show:
1. take a piece of string of 30 inches long;
2. thread it with a needle;
3. take pop corn, twizzlers, wint "o" green mints and put them on the string - or any other noce food;
4. remove needle from string
5. put the string around your neck and tie loosely;
6. enjoy your food :-)
Do not forget to have enough material ingredients for the whole class.

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