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Powerpoint speech topics idea on wildfire and rural evelopment plus the body to better Toastmaster International speechwriting skills. I have focused my example outline for transparant slides on the middle parts. Wanna learn more about the different forms of organizing a presentation? Read about other outline examples in my huge how to outline public speaking section:

Tips before you copy and elaborate on the sample: Concentrate on not more than the classical number of three main points. In each point you state the point itself, offer a reason and an example - evidence, and close by restating the point in other words. Use the ppt slides efficiently.
Only key words, terms, and phrases. Like the speechwriting sample below.

It has been brought to my attention by one of my college students as a lighting representation for ideas:


The more homes and companies are built in rural or wooded areas, the bigger the chance for wildfires. They pose a real threat to life and property.

More homes, means more people, means more fires. In 2011 there were over 100,000 large fires spreading rapidly and hard to extinguish - most of them were caused by humans.

Think about barbecuing and grilling, and other forms of open fire, or by throwing away discarded cigarette ends.

Multiplying housing plans, more business activities does increase the risk of wildfires. Although architects make housing designs that offer greater resistance to the radiant heat of flames.

Statistics show that states facing a growing population are confronted with more wildfires over time. Draw the contours of the impact on the regional wildlife environment.

Most of the all uncontrolled fires in trees and bushes are caused by human activity, not by the lightning phenomenon or water / electricity disasters and other natural catastrophes.

The states of Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, New Mexico,
Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming are exposed to chances of injuries and

Illustrate this Powerpoint speech topics main point with map projections. Place litte fire icons on the damaged areas with the number of acres and houses destroyed.
And note the number of casualities in a graphic bar.

The collection of figures is the best proof of your claim. See more college speechwriting skills.
Political scientist Edward Tufte PowerPoint presentations

A growing population means more countable risks on emergency situations in provincial and suburban areas.

Rural development programs and initiatives, and policies addressing the socio-economic viability do not effectively handle possible hazards.

Despite of the wildland prevention efforts by the state and federal governments providing safeguard to people, homes and the forest itself in the past years, the number of fires is still growing and expanding.

The number of homes and lives lost, and forest devastation is still increasing. Give the number of devastated acres in the past five years (hundreds of thousands and still counting ... )

The lack of effective policies focused on suppressing the outbursting dangers in rural areas accumulates the contingency of personal casualties and damage rates.

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