60 Popular Speech Topics Amplified

Popular speech topics from art history to halloween parties and iPods to the latest Xbox games for a good text to speech. The most wanted themes: 

What is hot and what is not hot? What is the buzz? I have asked myself these questions and I decided to research what information people are looking for.

The result of my little survey is a list of 60 hot issues of today, in alphabetical order.

You easily can transform them into fine informative or persuasive popular speech topics oral for plenty of public speaking speeches. Your audience will love it!

Actors - Hollywood (Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler) or Cinema of India (Aishwarya Rai, Aamir Khan or Shah Rukh Khan)
Art History - Movements and schools, and museums.
Baby Issues - Breastfeeding and prematurity.
Baseball Cards - Selling and prices.
Basketball - Drills and rules.
Bears - The grizzly, black and brown, and polar bears compared.
Beautytips - Makeup and hair style fashion trends.
Boats - Create some sort of a buyer's guide for family boating.
Books - Cooking and chidren's paperback editions.
Cell Phone review and cheap prepaid accessory.
Cloning Ethics - The edical, the philosophical and the political questions.
Computers - History of calculating and human behaving devices.
Dolls - Dress up characters like Barbie.
Clothing - Prom shoes for students and accessories for ladies. 
Geography - Classroom geography games and quizes.
Hockey - Rules and penalties for high sticking.

Wilson Mizner Playwright good listening and popular speech topics

Other fashionable and celebrated constructive material for good high school orals are:

Action Adventure DVD's
Consumer Electronics
Digital Camcorders
Fishing Rods
Food and Drink
Global Warming
Halloween Parties
Harry Potter
Home Improvement
Human Genetic Engineering
Human Genome Project
Jet Ski's
Musical Instruments
Nostradamus Prophecies
Playstation 2
Racial Prejudice
Spelling Tips
Sports Events
Stem Cell Research
Television Shows
Video Games
World Cups
Xbox Games
Zodiac Signs

Well, these are the popular speech topics people are looking for. This is what they want to know more about. So, give it to your public! These speech topic ideas are perfect for speechwriting purposes.

Before you start writing a text for an classroom lecture, research the angles of view you like, and of course your listeners will like. Use my how to guides, tips and tutorials in the navigation bar.

Have fun in informing, entertaining and persuading your audience! Bottomline: these ideas are great for a public speaking text to speech.