30 Policy Speech Topics To Be Heard

Policy speech topics with twelve distributive and twenty regulatory illustrations for plausible and instructive speechwriting goals. Such as safety devices and dress codes, their aspects can be turned into an interactive live presentation.

There are two main types: distributive and regulatory policies.

Find out which ones that are pursued by government or ruling bodies you are attracted to and are willing to fabricate any further.

My terminology definition help you selecting the best system of rules right now:

policy model terminology definition
  1. A program, system of rules or a sequence of actions, regulations, remedies, guiding principles, procedures, processes, alternatives, programs or plans;

  2. Adopted by social groups, governments, political parties, business companies, professional or voluntary organizations, and individuals;

  3. Affects those groups, firms and individuals;

  4. Influences, guides and determines decisions and actions by the local or state governing authorities.

Distributive policy speech topics provide criteria for this adagium: who gets what, how, why and when. So, if you look around, you can see that many governmental decisions are based on many distinctive distributive policies. E.g. the financing and distribution of public goods and services in your state.

12 Examples of distributive policies, to intended behavior and strategies of recipients:

Economic growth of the People's Republic of China.
Economic development and cultural change.
Technological changes since 1990.
Aggregate productivity.
Taxation of the super rich.
Agricultural subsidies damage african nations.
Improving the active learning curve in education.
Regulations on applying safety devices.
Organ transplantation and the psychosocial aspects.
Voter registration and absentee ballot.
Defense budget priorities.
Our foreign agenda for the United Nations.

Regulatory policy speech topics are about the political and/or administrative power enforcement and regulate discretions of groups, individuals, companies and government organs.

20 Examples of regulatory policies for executive administrative protection purposes:

Herman Kahn Futurist propounds human and moral policiesWhistleblower Procedure
Affirmative Action
Crime Prevention
Break Periods
Harassment Precautions
Dress Codes
Privacy Codes
Smoking Or Non-Smoking Areas
Cell Phone Use While Driving
Conflict Of Interest
Emergency Procedures
Client Complaints Procedures
Drug Testing In The Workplace
Equal Employment Opportunities
Hygiene Standards
Identification Protocols
Medical Examination
Recycling Rules
Videotaping In The Workplace
Work Hours Plans

Perhaps now you wonder: how to develop? My tips to find suitable angles of view for your talk:

I. Tell step by step how the policy was designed, why - the goal, the actions that should be taken, and the expected benefits and effects.

II. Tell about the commanding chain sequence. How does it develop in time? How did they persuade or inform the people who are affected by the regulations?

III. What are the financial, social and the administrative actions needed to implement the sequence or course of actions of the policy speech topics you like to work out for your presentations?

IV. Tell about the actions authorised people can take to enforce the actions required. Give examples.

V. Tell about the evaluation, about the adjustments. Does it work well? Why not? What are your recommendations?