30 Persuasive Speech Topics For Free Recommended

Persuasive speech topics for free exemplars on various society issues and matters of dispute from the Patriot Act to outsourcing methods that are waterproof for regular courses and lesson plans. Study the following and remind that all is adjustable, modifiable and pliable: 

1. Gay marriage should be an issue for state authorities.
2. Flag or banner burning should be prohibited.
3. Military service should be based on conduct, and not sexual orientation or what.
4. Education, housing, and hiring must be equal for all citizens and residents in a enlightened, civilized, and educated country like we live in:

Experiment a bit with optional social and cultural defined persuasive speech topics for free:

5. The Patriot Act violates civil liberties.
6. The Ten Commandments are inherent values in schools.
7. The 1st Amendment is not a shield for hate groups.
8. Support affirmative action in governmental organisations.
9. Limiting immigration is limiting opportunities.
10. The police always should investigate all complaints of wife assault.
11. The amount of spam you see in your mailbox is just the tip of the iceberg.
12. Ban same-sex marriages.
13. Academic dishonesty should always be santioned by termination of student status for a specified term.
14. Wildcat strikes should be legalized.
15. What you need to know to prevent serious complications with body piercings.
16. Only buy energy efficient household appliances.
17. Outsourcing is a good solution for small business owners.
18. Every citizen should commit to 2,000 hours of voluntary national service in lifetime.

Persuasive speech topics for free on foreign policy and international issues:

Marcus Porcius Cato Roman statesman about seizing persuasive subject ideas 1. No-fly lists of airliners do have a lack of accuracy.
2. Mankind is responsible for the large loss of biodiversity.
3. We need an international forestry agency.
4. Water is a hot issue in the Middle East.
5. An international certification system for diamond exploration prevents conflict-diamonds trade.
6. Never negotiate with terrorists.
7. Water saving methods work in several regions of Africa.
8. Russia is a growing threath.
9. Jerusalem must remain an undivided city.
9. America should stop being the world's policeman.
10. We need a Marshall Plan for Afghanistan.

11. The civil rights movement is a success.
12. Keep talking to the North Koreans.

These samples of persuasive speech topics for free are not my opinions, I have often said that, and that remark stay stands as a monument - they are just prototypes and nothing more and nothing less.