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Persuasive speech topics for college on reused laptops and market research, added with their sample arguments outlined for college public speaking program students. You can apply them also for the base of a term paper or research essay building. All subjects are carefully handpicked and selected with great care by insiders and individual communication students nationwide. Do drop a hint if you want something added, altered or in case you want to share remarks of great importance. Perhaps you will see them worked out in a next edition of this resource. 

Refurbish your old computer PC!
(Category motivational persuasive speech topics for college based on common values)

I It is cost efficient - e.g. without straining your budget.
II It stops the so-called e-waste - e.g. it is an environmentally friendly way to recycle things you otherwise would throw away.
III Your computer will functioning, operating your tasks according to standard demanded satisfaction, and look like new again.
IV Refurbished PCs are certainly not out of date, perform better and even have often more power due to the fact that they have passed the - what they call - burn through period.
V Reused laptops can be donated to education and poverty reduction projects for poor villagers in for example development countries.

Seat belts in school buses increase passenger safety.

I It reduces the number of neck and facial injuries significantly. And the severity of the types of injuries would be substantiality lowered.
II Properly seat belted children can not distract the school bus driver. Lots of tragedies happen as a result of the driver being distracted by misbehaving students.
III Emergency evacuation plans can be planned more effective and efficient. Persuade us what important considerations need to be included in such a plan.
IV The modern three point belts with locking retractors will absorb the destroying energy in case of an accident.

Qualitative consumer market research give fundamental insight.
(Really actual persuasive speech topics for college)

Aristotle the art of persuasion public speaking
I With face 2 face surveys or interviews reseachers have direct contact with customers, and deep-questioning is possible.
II Provide detailed information about the customer’s world, needs, language, habits and use.
III Makes it easier for marketeers to promote and distribute their goods and services.
IV Leads to better product design, understanding of daily use and a higher performance rates. ....

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