20 Persuasive Policy Speech Topics

Persuasive policy speech topics and ready to go samples on allocating and administrative control mechanisms for learners who struggle with the classic question of setting up an astonishing performance or overpowering essay with admirable coaxing accountability policy elements.

First ten examples of statements for distributive persuasive policy speech topics. Offer criteria for who gets what, why and how:

1. Western politicians should do more for the people on the African continent. E.g to instigate change by diplomatic means.

Benjamin Franklin Statesman and philosopher about persuasive speaking

2. Provide everywhere in our town access for people with disabilities. Parking, sanitary and access to a building.

3. All voters should be required to show a photo identification or a fingerprint. E.g. a biometric passport.

4. Limit the President's power to impose political sanctions on foreign nations. Using the blocking of assets method and trade restrictions often are effective.

5. Everyone should have free access to some health care services. E.g. The family doctor and dentist.

6. Urban shelters could help the homeless survive.

7. We should spend more money to improve highways and railroads.

8. We should not allow that the poor sell their organs for money.

9. Housing, hiring and education must be equal for all.

10. The government should spend more money to explore space solar systems.

These are not my personal opinions - you only have to turn the stuff on administrative control instruments upside down for opposite approaching.

Samples of regulatory persuasive policy speech topics for regulating administrative discretions regarding groups of individuals, government organs and business:

regulatory model individuals agencies corporations

1. Corporation should have an accountability policy. E.g. including established standards of conduct for ensuring an appropriate disciplinary attitude.

2. It should be more difficult to get a divorce. To encourage to participate in some form of premarital counseling.

3. Garbage recycling should be required. Offer easy ways to dispose waste oil and automotive batteries.

4. Sex-segregating classes improve achievements. Modifications to educational curricula to address the specific needs of either girls or boys.

5. Media producers should not prosecute students for downloading music education.

6. K-12 students should learn a foreign language. French or Spanish language learning by interactive games and online fun lessons.

7. Improving the economic infrastructure is the key to Middle East stability. E.g. Housing, road maintenance, water ways and the electrical power network.

8. Why smokers deserve rights. A law that prohibit employers from discriminating against smokers in hiring or firing decisions.

9. Stop child slave labor. E.g. Children in some West African countries are forced to work in the cocoa field production.

10. Students should not spend the whole day on sports.