Persuasion Speech Topic Checklist
Tried and True

Persuasion speech topic tips for an effective use of supporting points in a checklist for public speaking speechwriting. Organize your research results, your thougths and over-all unconventional idea. Because your assertion or claim needs reliable support to be accepted by the public. In the end you have a blueprint with valuable public speaking topics for speechwriting: 

You are free to imitate or copy the principal scheme below. It is made to help you going fast forward.

1. Collect all lose facts, and most recent figures and statistics you can find about your speech topic in books, encyclopedias, dictionary and on unbiased education websites.

2. Narrow them down. Only pick out verifiable facts and factual information.

All should be relevant to your persuasion speech claim. Do not forget to identify the sources of all your information.

3. Search for exhortation expert testimonies or potency quotations. Note: it must be all credible and trustworthy from the bottom. Look for possible credentials of the cited authors.

4. Can you come up with an vivid and recognizable example? Is there a narrative or personal experience that points out the core of your persuasion speech idea?

5. Can you cite a striking, unconventional idea or resource?

Hilary Hinton Zig Ziglar6. Now that you have researched supporting material it's time to outline. Reinforce your message at the end of all the points of your persuasion speech topic. And use transition sentences for a better flow of the text to speech. You can use this sample scheme for your project:

My Speech Topics Statement - including your irresistible title

Transition sentence

Point I Fact, economic or social statistic


Point II Testimony, quotation or reference to a theory

Point III Example, narrative, personal or task related experience


Etc. for if your would like to add more points, but you understand that vey well, I think so :-)