5 Patriotic Speech Topics Start-Ups

Patriotic speech topics and some sample ideas for points and sub-points, arguments and background information to support the thesis claim of your public speaking speech honoring the Unknown Soldier or veterans. Easy for my Toastmasters International friends too, I would say :-) I have realized there is a great demand for ideas on inspiring patriotism theses - not to confuse with real chauvinism - for essay writing too: 

I would like to meet your wishes with this five samples:

The Historicalness Of November 11
  1. Introduce your public to the variety of annual days in other countries. Honoring military veterans in the US is also known as Veterans' Day, but in other countries it is called Armistice Day or Remembrance Day.

  2. Give a brief overview of the history of November 11, it started with the signing in 1918 of the armistice agreement ending World War I in Europe, and its official declaration some days after.

  3. Describe the character of the remembrance, and ceremonial rituals and habits, like military parades in the streets.

Or make your patriotic speech topics a little bit personal and rhetorical. Make it sound like a rhetorical question: read instead of To Me, Should Mean To Us All:

What Liberty Means To Me
  1. Living without any force to act or think in a certain way.

  2. Show deferential regard for individual civil and human rights.

  3. The freedom to act or decide on one's own, without supervision.

  4. To try to find peaceful answers to problems.

  5. To be resistant to intimidation, and hostile and destructive actions.

What Is Patriotism?
  1. The history of patriotism - its first appearance - based on Greek and Latin words.

  2. Comparison / difference with nationalism, chauvinism, and cultural identity.

  3. The various other forms of love and devotion to a nation.

After this typical info topic idea, here are a few motivating and commemorating patriotic speech topics about honoring those who go to war:

Why We Need To Honor Our War And Peace Veterans
  1. They have served their country well, fighting for the nation's values and glory.

  2. They have risk their life and suffered hardships and sacrifices.

  3. They have been kept apart from loved ones for a long time.

  4. We should pay special attention to the servicemen who have coming home with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder - a disease that is not often recognized in an early stage.

Speech quote of Doc Hastings politician The Important Symbolism Of The Unknown Soldier
  1. Tombs of Unknown Soldiers worldwide. Memorial sites for example the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, the Alexander Garden in Moscow, under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Piazza Venezia in Rome, the National War Memorial in Wellington, Westminster Abbey in London.

    (Each of these memorials could also serve as single informative patriotic speech topics about Remembrance Day.)

  2. The acts and events in the past that shaped the idea of honoring unidentified soldiers in special tombs.

  3. The annual ceremonials and special rites at those sites and their meaning to us.

These neat little 'do it yourself templates' as I like to call them :-) are meant for high school and college students who are desperate to find nice creative ideas for a class speech and some input for the main points.

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