20 Oral Speech Topics Adjustable

Oral speech topics and public speaking topics on cell phones to skinny models and from anabolic steroids to animal conservation laws for persuasive or an informative texts to speech. You can turn them up side down, shake it a little - symbolic :-), take opposite sides in your hands, stretch things out, extend them in different directions, and alter them in a way you think it is fine.

These are examples to trigger your fantasy.

If you like a theme I suggest, but not the statement, then associate and tweak; by making minor adjustments.

Let's start now with general themes for an oral presentation. As I have metioned in the lead they are about all different sorts of spicy leitmotifs. The first series of persuasive oral speech topics:

1. Cell phones can be dangerous in traffic jams if you are texting or phoning while driving.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a good governor in California, we miss his amusing and sometimes ridiculous comments on the news.

3. The effects of global warming are not overestimated by scientists and green activists.

4. Skinny models in fashion magazines and on catwalks are setting a bad example for teenagers in school.

5. Children should be first on organ transplant lists to save their lives.

6. The use of torture is never appropriate under no circumstances at all.

7. News media should give equal attention to all politicians - in France presidential candidates are timed with a clock on television.

8. Professional athletes are not overpaid because they entertain millions of people.

9. The driving age for teens should be raised to 18 because they are the cause of most car accidents. And not only because of using cell phones in their car.

10. A flat tax must replace the current tax system, every citizen should pay the same amount every year.

Note: these public speaking topics are not my private views and opinions, but only possible oral speech topics. Now some informative suggestions to play with:

1. Non-medical anabolic steroids in sports scandals.
2. Unbelievable sleepwalking stories such as performing unusual things while asleep.
3. How Hip-Hop and R&B gangsta rap music influence our youth.
4. Ways to control the human population plus the effects.
5. The effects of Alcoholics Anonymous programs for alcoholics work.
6. The SS space project - when is the station really completed?
7. Effective animal conservation laws and other legal regulations.
8. The benefits of globalization for poor or less developed countries.
9. How to protect your credit card from identity theft fraud.
10. Different forms of clouds in the sky and how they occur.

Optional Speaking From Oral Speech Topics