30 Online Speech Class Topics Breakthrough

Online speech class ideas on life, sports, economic news, and personal opinionated for public speaking education in school rooms or in Toastmasters International communities around the globe: 

1. The five advantages of being a woman. 

2. What the haves have, and the have-nots have not. 

3. Why I am proud to be a / an (here your nationality, personal life style identity or even the team you are a part of). 

4. Three levels I am better off than my parents at a similar age. 

5. Life generally will get better / will get worse in the next years. 

More speech topic ideas to consider from college sports apparel to disembodied spirits for an education assignment:

6. Professional sports athletes should be role models for our children.

7. College sports apparel could be a hangout for team members to earn more money for extraordinary charity achievements.

8. (The name of your favorite movie star here) should win the Oscar for best actor / actress in the upcoming season.

9. I favor / I disapprove a constitutional ban on headscarves for civil servants in public areas.

10. Drivers older than 65 years should have a annual mandatory eyesight and driving test.

11. Sport Utility Vehicles pose a greater risk to high way users in small cars.

12. Why I want to spend a vacation in ... (fill in a country).

13. Disembodied spirits - aka ghosts - of deceased persons are all around us.

14. Three reasons why I support Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the US Supreme Court.

15. Safety in South Africa is on stake, the World Championships Soccer a couple of years ago has not changed a thing.

Ten more economic news related online speech class ideas, they are not for dummies :-)

16. The federal funding of infrastructure projects is better for job creation than cutting taxes.

17. Why I disapprove the billions of dollars given to Chrysler and GM, and I approve a ban on further financial support in the future.

18. Leaders can not without employee productivity engagement or positive labor attitude in these hard economic times.

19. This will be a year of economic news full of difficulty but also new peace efforts with a positive financial boost in the Middle East.

20. Foreign car manufacturers produce better, cheaper, and more climate-friendly or emission-neutral cars, let's join them.

21. There is no need to raise the taxes for improving the public infrastructure.

22. Religion is allowed to / should not influence economy legislation matters.

23. Every person can get ahead by hard labor and fair believe in her / himself.

24. Never appoint a family member or close friend as your business partner.

25. There are too many Chinese products that compete unfair on our domestic market.

And finally, I invented five other online speech class topics - they are personal opinion related (That's to say, not my personal views of course):

26. I would like to move permanently to (fill in the name of the region / state / country), if I get the chance.

27. I am not satisfied with the neighbourhood I live in.

28. I am satisfied with the educational system in ... . Or make a direct link with your own public speaking education program.

29. ... is the ideal number of chidren in one family.

30. A life without the internet is not a life.

31. College sports apparel all look the same to me, there is hardly any new fresh and original design to discover. A way ahead for fashion fabrics designers!

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