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Odd persuasive speech topics for anyone who has been asked or is assigned for speaking in public on funny themes and want to apply public speaking tips from the Dale Carnegie training method.

Stand and Deliver is his masterpiece on public speaking the program trains with a lot of tips, neat strategies, and speaking secrets to become a very masterful communicator.

Carnegies' focus is on building self-confidence, and steady betterments in your communication and on early leadership skills, plus principal exercises to reduce your stress. Dale Carnegie is also author of the popular How to Win Friends and Influence People book. It sounds odd to refer to this author, but one of the major steps he anticipate in public speaking on different speech topics is trying the odd, the extra-ordinary, bizarre, fantastic or unexpected ideas.

Well, I have read a few books of the Carnegie training series and I am convinced. So here are some strange and sometimes unusual odd persuasive speech topics to reflect on for now:

Werewolves in supernatural movies.
You know those superstition movies or tv series, a man is transformed into a wolf. Tell were they come from - some Romania and Greek sources make notice of the legend - and share the appearances till this day with your audience.

I would like to have a third arm / a third leg.
Talking about odd persuasive speech topics ... But you could write a speech about it. Let me explain. As a kid we all I have been dreaming of this funny picture. Compare a life with and a life without.

Start to describe an ordinary day and work your way through the evening. What will you feel, see? Is it easier or not?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Teach them your speech ideas spectators why. Food is energy fuel for the day, and teach them how to plan and prepare a good breakfast meal.

Mark the essence by referring to scientific studies about healthy diets.

Why problems are created between people.
People want things, others not or they want alternatives. Simple as that. But there is more to reveal on this odd persuasive speech topics example:

Interfering in someone else’s life and human interests is in most countries reserved for governments. It's gonna be more interesting when it is done by other citizens - like lawyers.

They are masters of creating problems, and happen to be also the choosen one's to sort things out for you - for a lot of money :-) Describe some examples, and you have funny speech ideas about legal advisers who create their own jobs and living.

Ingredients of a full original English breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon.
We did mention before in one of my other odd persuasive speech topics how important a breakfast is, a really full breakfast in British and other English-speaking cultures is the cooked English breakfast.

You like it or not, a full stomach in the early hours of your day, filled with Sausages, smoked bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, bread, and black pudding.

The most interesting persuasive fact is that there are hardly any obesity struggling human beings or desparate weight loss problem people in those countries. Is one and one is two or not?

Musicals are an unnatural way to play in theatres.
If there is something I will never understand is that actors in a musical start singing when something happens they fully appreciate or have strong feelings against. It could not have been said better than in a Dale Carnegie training situation :-) Do you understand that. I do not :-)

Let's be honest: do you suddenly burst out singing in real life in good or bad situations? And there is more to persuade your audience that there is something wrong: especially male singers in a musical have exchangeable voices. All loud and clear, okay, but without singularity. Listen to them and you know what I mean.

One who marries her / his high school sweet heart misses real life.
Well, this is one to deliberate in speech class. Persuasion now and then hurts for some people. So be careful when you choose this one for you.

Why women like a clean shaven face and no mustache or beard.
Men, do I need to say more about this subject? There is a saying that a man with a beard has something to hide.

But there are lots of cultures that embrace bearded men. Not to mention real men who are proud of with a fine mustache.

Soup or rather salad as an apperitive before supper?
Difficult choice for some individuals. Take soup when you are not anxious to make loud sucking noises, and salad when you are able to eat without spilling and do not make a mess of an official dinner.

Convince them of another advantage of a salad: you do not have to eat all. With soup in a bowl it's more complex.

Other odd persuasive speech topics that trigger you fantasy: Different cat types - Abyssinian, Bengal, European Shorthair, Ragdoll, Russian Blue, etc, etc.
Types of taking a bath: mud, aromatherapy, oil, soap, chocolate, milk.
How impersonators and look-a-likes can earn a lot of money.
My favorite sauce: ketchup, mustard, olive oil, vinegar.
Wy I like / don't like American Idols of equivalent tv shows. Choose the right odd persuasive speech topics yourself.
The similarities between being scared of spiders or fear for speaking in public.
Pampering yourself with a rain shower in your shower is bad for the environment.
What I would change about my body.
Draco Lucius Malfoy also known as Draco Malfidus is / isn't cool.

And in the end five more odd persuasive speech topics to think about:

What your eye-color says about your personality.
Why on earth do shop assistants answer a ringing phone first when there is a line of waiting people?
How to become a famous You Tube cult figure.
Fridays / Saturdays are the best nights for going out with your date.
Wearing flip-flops in the summer is bad for kids' feet.

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