24 Occasion Speech Topics - Detailed Instructions

Occasion speech topics and ideas for a public speaking speech on birthdays, end of the year celebrations, christmas evenings, farewell addresses and retirement speech talks. These are a few examples of special events most people hesitate to accept an invitation to speak.

I help a little bit with some pleasing public speaking tips and rough ideas, accessible suggestions and general themes you can bring in.

In general, stick to one single highlight of the happy birthday person. That is often enough for a small one-way chat in two or three minutes. I would recommend you keep a sharp eye on the time.

Because there are other persons with other happy birthday texts perhaps. Following is a list of potential ideas for occasion speech topics.

See the samples as a primer. Use your own fantasy. I have listed them in alphabetical order:

Think about a party, at the celebration dinner, even at an official ceremony or any other particular occasion you have to speak in public and need input.

Aunt - List her funny habits and sayings. Or her contributions to the local community, charity or church.

Brother - Tell about your interesting conversations full of keen and quick insight. and how you match perfectly with intuition.

Brother in Law - Focus on his hobbies and sports activities, these are really ideal occasion speech topics, you can use them for another public speaking speech too.

Daughter - Describe how she has grown up and why she is special to you. Or admire her attainments and accomplishments at high school or college.

Grandfather - Mention his position as head of the family and praise his great advices and words of wisdom. Tell how he introduced you to treasures in museums when you were young.

Grandmother - Let everybody know that she is a fabulous cooking queen. State that you appreciate her love and care in good and in bad times.

Take you time to speak out your occasion speech topics, due to the fact that older people wants to hear everything and easily are disturbed by general noise at a birthday party. Some goes for your grandfather too of course.

Or in case of a big surprise party with very noisy partgoers.

Father - Emphasize he has always been - and for sure will be - your greatest supporter in life, thank him for the profitable tips he gave you, and for qualities of respect and self-esteem he teached you.

Friend - Tell why she or he is special to you. Describe how you have helped each other through exams, holiday trips, parties, and so on.

There are a lot of special occasion speech topics to think of when it comes to speak at a birthday celebration of a friend.

Husband - Tell why he is your soulmate. Retrospect a bit, refer back to the time you were just married. Do not tend to create a complete contemplation of the past, but bring in happy memories about adventures you shared together.

Mother - Express gratitude for all the things your mother did for you, your relatives and friends. Be grateful for her kindness and support in the past year.

Perhaps you should thank her for babysitting for her grandkids? Think about one big thing you like to thank for.

Sister - Let her know that your love for her is unconditional. Bring in a few vivid narratives about the time you were kids and played together in the playground near your home.

Sister in Law - Mention her contributions to your family and what she means for your brother. Roast you brother if you like. About how his outfit and looks are improved; you see the hand of your sister in law :-)

Son - Come up with some funny anecdotes from his childhood. You could tell about the tasks in the household you have fixed together, or fishing days or the lazy nice days you spend at the cabin or cottage.

Uncle - Say why you like him - his jokes? his humor? his advices, fishing trips? Mention and praise his productivity at home; his do-it-yourself efforts and achievements.

Wife - Show your love and state that you always can trust and rely on her. There is a woman behind every successful man, the saying goes ...

Sketch why this is perfectly fitting the two of you. Close with a kiss of course!

Your Own Birthday - Thank all guests for coming. Show how much they mean to you. Thank them for all birthday gifts and presents they brought in.

Now for some other special occasion speech ideas. I refer you to my other, more specialized pages on these three types:

New Year's resolutions, a short review of the past year, look forward and reveal the things you want to do in the new year.

The history of the Christmas evenings celebration, traditions, trees and decorations, carols.

If you leave - Thank all for their cooperation, kindness, support, or even friendship. Wish them all the best. Use my checklists in this farewell occasion speech topics primer.

If someone else is leaving - Tell that you will miss her or him. Thank for all friendship and love.

The boss to an employee or client - Express thanks for the trust, loyalty and support. Find a gift that fits the future activities of the retirement and build a story around it.

A colleague, boss or client to a retiring co-worker - Focus on his or her talents, achievements and successful projects. Mention some funny experiences and wonderful moments.

Your own retirement - Announce what you will do from now on. Thank your boss and all colleagues for their support, lessons and friendship.

Dig and find very special occasion speech topics. And do not forget to list some milestones in your career.

Go back in history and perhaps you will discover charming or alluring information about collegues at some great events and meetings you attend :-) Who knows ...

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