Multiplex Evidence

by Christina
(Browndale PA USA)

Play volley ball and to apply a certain hair style and make-up.


by: Hanna, South Dakota

Pressure Points - Wrapping gifts - To do a math problem - To use a graphing calculator - How to tie a shoe - Blind typing - Sharpen a pencil - Alphabet song for a nice cultural event - Draw something - Use a remote control device.

Pick up Woman
by: Anonymous

Go to a bar, have money, stay in shape, have a six pack, and have muscles.

Flan With Pina (Pineapple)
by: Noelia, Hardy County

To make the flan and expaining it. Acting as if im on tv and demostrating every step. Tell personal disasters as we wait for the flan to bake. Have them taste it and ask if anyone wants to have the recipe.

My ...
by: Tai-Leigh, Kankakee

Make a scrapbook page and to braid.

Transfering a Plant Into a Bigger Pot
by: Hannah, Auckland, NZ

Show the audience the transformation of a pot into a bigger one.

Potato Stamps
by: Kaylea Jeson, Minnesota

Cut a potato in half and cut a shape into it. And dip it in paint and stamp it on paper! Ideal for kids and middle school.

by: Aman

That is a great topic, thank it helped.

by: Jerry, Kansas

Education at any age is important to get a successful career later on in my life.

Hope's Ideas That Help You!
by: Anonymous

Make your own candles, write a wedding speech, make spicy tacos. skin a deer, build a deer stand, pick a good spot to hunt for bow season, gut a fish and eat it safely.

Hair and Cookies
by: Bridget, Missouri

Straighten hair. Make cookies. Pick out a outfit in 5 mins. Do someones makeup. Match clothes. Match shoes with the right evening prom outfit for men and women.

Not Bad
by: Elliot

How to not have bad, but a nice and pleasurable demonstration speaking.

Not Get Nervous
by: MacBeth, Chicago

You can put your hands behind your back and play along with them. It always helps me (i hope) or just look on the foreheads of the people but dont scan them.

Style and Spice up Your Hair Look
by: Lisa R.

You can divide the hair style idea into sub-topics: Hair color, extensions, accessories. Or create a ponytail style, blowdry your hair for more modern volume, give an extra touch of glamour to a sexy evening dress with hair accessories for a prom nigth or a wedding.

Hair Style Revisited
by: Shirley

That hair style idea opens the door to a lot of possible ways :-) Great!

Cheer Up
by: Aexandra, Washington

Show the way to cheer depressed persons with recreation and sports activities. They really work to let your depressing thoughts fly away in a snap, because you have to concentrate on the game and competitors! Tell them where they can find step by step instructions to persuade unwilling people to attend in a funny match.

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by: Josua

To climb the Mount Everest is the highest ultimate goal some mountain sports fanatics can reach. Mena, women, the oldest the youngest. Ideal for a sociotopic chatty pattern. About the universal records that have been established.

But more of my interest is my speech idea to uncover the motives and the reasons behind the dangerous and risky expedition. I wish to find a true answer on the lasting query of why someone undertake this.

The preps are months – even years. Not to mention the severe selection before. What does the freezing cold wheather do with your mind and physical condition. Do they return and descend as other and more ennobled and chastened human beings?

I never stood on top of the top climbing mountain. But I know someone who acscend it in the Hymalaya. Perhaps I could blend in what she thinks and found out in the roof of the planet.

Balloon Videoing
by: Udo, Germany

My idea was to go to a rock festival and take a balloon with me filled with lightweighted helium - you can buy safe versions in funny colored shapes. Under that balloon I fixed a small camera device. And when my favorite band is playing on the stage I let it go slowly in the air to make a nice video of the spectators who are getting smaller and smaller till you can see in HD the whole festival grouds. O and do not forget to have a long line of some meters or yards ... in the end you have to notch the inflatable rubber of course... :-) You easily can write an interactive step by step oral correspondence on it.

by: Pjotr

I would like to write my speech topic assignment on twelve players - six on one side and six on the other side of the meshed fabric net: we call it volleyball. There are many tricks for children to play. Like the bump - set - spike drills on elementary school trainings. I could make it interactive, because we could go all to the school playground and when I tell what they should do, than everybody of my class can do it 'live' and see what I try to convince and teach them. By savoir-faire through participation. And our teacher must be the independent referee.

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