Minute Persuasive Speech Topics Plus Supporting Evidence

Minute persuasive speech topics and three strong points to proof in a minute or so that your thesis is right and stable enough to hold the opposition in any persuasion public speaking controversies.

They will help you to beat any procrastination.

Everybody will agree with the significant and outstanding speech ideas you add to any formal discourse on a persuasive speech topic like below.

Women Should Rule The World
Main Point I Politics and business would be more collegial.
II Women have skills to solve problem in a critical and social manner at the same time.
III Women are better listeners, consensus seekers and greater communicators.

Water Pollution Is Our Biggest Problem
I Oceans absorb CO2; devastating for our food and water chain.
II Chemical pesticides, oil and petroleum spills destroy aquatic life and poisons our drinking water.
III Cleaning up the water pollution mess and contaminated groundwater costs billions of dollars.

Parents Have No Right In Spanking Their Kids For Doing Wrong
I Children could be turn out to become functionally unsocialised and psychological damaged.
II Parents could easily cross the thin line between their kids having respect for them and their children being scared to death of their parents.
III There are many other ways to discipline children and make them well mannered.

Please read my persuasion public speaking checklist for rendering your minute persuasive speech topics - for expanding them in detail and to widen in scope. Because remember this: the development of the best message goes in five steps.

They are easy to take and apply. Nevertheless most students start typing right away. That is why my humble advice is this:
  1. First make a mindmapped tabulation of the arguments and proof deserving your consideration later.

  2. Spell out the checks of that first draft;

  3. Do certainly trust and rely on your creative writing skills and thinking talents.

  4. And that is the first step to conquer your speaking procrastination!