Minute Informative Speech Topics Plus Optional Main Points

Minute informative speech topics for quickly writing a speech to communicate special knowledge concerning one particular fact or factual data with public speaking software about specific events and situations you want to share with your audience in a minute and something, in order to get a reaction or response.

There are three types of getting feedback on your information.
I will explain them after three examples of minute informative speech topics. First take a look at these samples:

Why The Unsinkable and Invincible Historic Titanic Sank.
Main Point I Use of ubstandard metal pins (called rivets) caused the disaster.
II Human lookouts were the only way to detect icebergs in darkness.
III Total design and construction of the ship was not strong enough to sail the polar oceans.

How To Plan a Geology Field Trip.
I Visit sites of historical interest in your area, e.g. hills or mountains and choose.
II Determine the educational goals and prepare information about the outcrops, soil, and rock formations.
III Arrange means of transportation and calculate the trips' costs.
IV Send out letters for (parental) permission and authorization.

Three Ways to Measure Emotional Intelligence
I The Reuven Bar-On EQ-i Method tests capabilities and skills to succeed in handling environmental demands and pressures.
II The Multifactor Emotional Intelligence Scale Test assesses the ability to understand, and utilize people's emotions.
III The Seligman Attributional Style Questionnaire to measure feelings and psychology of pessimism and optimism - some sort of Emotional Intelligence parameter.

My Three Ways to Get Feedback

After you have read my speechwriting tip top 10 for writing a speech you know for sure how to move your listeners in such a way that you get the return you desire most. The most wanted response:
  • Clarify things with some public speaking software, make your speech idea or statement clear and intelligible.

  • Interprete their reactions by observating their attitude towards your minute informative speech topics.

  • Get emotional or personal experience reactions in a vivid Questioning and Answering session afterwards. Invite them to react, and stir them up to interact with the audience group as a whole.