15 Mime Speech Topics That Sell Themselves

Mime speech topics seem to be a contradictio in terminis but it is not if you apply creative thinking by regarding speaking in gestures as equal to addressing in words. Pantomime art is related, but sign language not.

So I will leave that out in this paragraph about visual oral communication methods for education.

According to several dictionaries it is a non-verbal expression of characters, moods, actions, feelings, ideas, settings, procedures and objects by controlled signs and bodily movements, an other gestures in order to convey a message without speaking.

Here are writing prompts to help you as a teacher or school student group for your narration in signs or mime speech topics:

Describe with hand and arm signs the object's sizes, the shapes, weights, textures and functions in life. Examples:

1. A wedding ring symbolizing marriage and the ceremony of exchanging rings.

2. Election campaign badge in favour of your local mayor and its effect on bypassers.

3. A math calculator for algebra, geometry as homework helper and the functions (you may write on the chalkboard).

4. A prom dress for girls and show the judging criteria by pantomiming the features.

1. Cafe and restaurant procedures from better ordering to serving dishes and drinks, and cashing the bill.

2. A cosmetic facial surgical procedure in order to build confidence with girls and women.

3. Basic tasks you have to do at a school camp.

4. Getting your first scuba diving lesson - under the water surface for sure you are limited to speaking in gestures with your buddy ...

1. The historical moment Eureka moment ancient Greek scolar Archimedes had in his bathtub when he discovered his famous principle.

2. The setting of an director and his orchestra playing Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf.

3. Perform the four seasons life cycle of a tree - in the spring, the summer, the autumn and the winter.

4. The scene of arresting a suspect after a burglary by a police officer - very vivid mime speech topics.

1. Perform the subtile differences and similarities beteeen the characters Pierrot, Harlequin, and Columbine.

2. Mime in street theatre and busking - statues, and characters in theme parks that frighten the audience.

3. Also nice visual oral communication types are expressing the fears and feelings of people in a winterstorm or other hazardous situation.

My Personal Tip: think about the accompaniment of music or other sound effects. That is a great way to enhance the impact of your visual mime speech topics in class room!

Although you should ask your teacher first for permission, because it does not have to end in a funny entertainment session without learning the education goals of the course itself.