3 Middle School Speech Class Topics
Tried and True

Middle school speech class ideas and simple outlines of the main and sub points of famous art awards, tv news crews, and five must see places in Paris for these public speaking speech topics. Although a lot of you have trouble to pick one out, it is handy to consult your teacher or a fellow student to make a final choice out of the ones I have shaped below: 

  1. The Oscar or Academy Award categories of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the best film directors, actors, scenarists, and writers.

    1. Academy Awards of Merit.
      1. Current category.
      2. Retired.
      3. Proposed.
    2. Special Awards.
    3. Current special.
    4. Retired Actors, Directors and Producers.

  2. The Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame honors the best known most influential artists, producers in the music industry. Inductees since 1986:
    1. Singers, bands, vocal groups, instrumentalists.
      1. Early influencers.
      2. Non-performing.
      3. So-called Sidemen.

  3. The Golden Globe Awards by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for entertainment, motion pictures and television productions.
    1. Motion pictures.
    2. Television.
    3. Retired stars.

  4. The Grammy Awards or briefly Grammys by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the US for the music industry.
    1. Special.
    2. General Field.
    3. Genre-specific.

Also good for middle school speech class is this topic, it's informing your audience on producing tv news casts:


  1. Journalists.
    1. Programme editor, responsible for the contents.
    2. Reporters.
    3. Story producers.
    4. The presenter.

  2. Technical Staff.
    1. The director is responsible for the technical crew.
    2. The production assistent.
    3. The vision mixer.
    4. The sound mixer.
    5. The prompt operator.
    6. The video tape operator.
    7. The camera operator.
    8. The floor manager.

And a sample public speaking outline of one of the best middle school speech class topic ideas I often like to talk about. Almost every audience is willing to know everything about tips for a romantic stay in Paris :-) I know from my own experience when I was in Europe that everyone in my travel company would like to visit Paris in two days ... Undoable by the way ... :-)

  1. Eiffel Tower – This 300 meter tall tower is the historical landmark of France.

  2. Louvre Museum – World's greatest art museum, with the famous painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

  3. Notre Dame Cathedrale - French Gothic cathedral on the Île de la Cité in Paris.

  4. Centre Pompidou - High-tech architectural designed museum and library.

  5. Le Royal Chateau of Versailles - Palace of King Louis XIV.

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