7 How to Write a Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Tips

Maid of Honor wedding speech tips with which I give you comprehensive support for playing your role as best friend of the bride in case you do not know what to talk about or do not know where to start standing in your new dress ... :-)

Here are the magic 7 tips that are used by thousands of women in the world in the past seventeen years since I have developed this checklist. Apply them!

1. The Maid of Honor, sometimes also called the Bridesmaid or even the Matron of Honor, speaks after the Best Man. Remember, the audience has to listen to lots of speeches before and after you.
So, my tip number one is: Keep it brief and simple; for your own utility and the convenience of the guests.

2. For all situations goes the same - in the church or at the reception - your Maid of Honor wedding speech topics should be from your heart!

If you are not comic, then do not try to be comic or funny.

Just be yourself as far as that goes in a wedding dress ... Especially speech ideas in a church should be appropriate in relation to the religious ambiance, mood and tone, and particularly of the weding event.

3. Write a personal monologue right from the heart; but not too personal. Ask others if stories you want to tell will not cause confusion and shame for the bride and groom or the guests.

And do not make it complicated for yourself, you want to avoid any embarrassing situations of course :-)

4. Make enthusiastic and sincere comments and compliments about the couple, but do not exaggerate. Look at things from the female point of view. The attendants already have listened to the boy scout opinions of the Best Man.

Now it is your turn to pay back :-) Say something in favor of the bride - e.g. the wedding dress and jewelry - and the other girls in the room. Indeed, your role is like the Best Man.

Flatter the bride, congratulate the bridal couple, and tease and roast the bride a little.

5. Never come up with negative stuff. Avoid sexual tinted expressions, political engagement or religion issues and hold back your horses when you want to mention actual news or political stories.

They look funny for some of us, but often not for everyone ...

6. When you have finished a first draft of your Maid of Honor wedding speech, read it out loud in front of someone else and ask for her/his opinion. Revise phrases you and your friends hesitate about.

7. On the Big Day bring note cards with all important key words of your Maid of Honor speech topics. If you know what you want to say it will be easier to overcome any fear of public speaking.

Another benefit: they will prevent you from babbling, stuttering, stumbling or giving a long boring expository. Or to put it wisely: keep it simple for you and your audience.

Follow these rules; it is almost similar to fitting a wedding dress - your text should be custom-made, and after your talk you will be congratulated because of your deeply and sincerely heartfelt words for the couple!

Template For a Maid of Honor Wedding Speech