Loose Ends By My Highly Respected Visitors

Loose ends by my online guests, they are sent in over the years and I have asked them in advance if I may share those - with respect- half-done public speaking jobs with you all. Social work in progress so to speak. Welcome, if you would like to participtate in our process of conjoining.

Send additions and remarks to me and I will take care of the rest - that's to say - edit them somewhat and publcize them on one of my pages under your courtesy of course. In the intervening time pretend you are the moderator and think what you would alter and add to them. You will be surprised what effect changing the elements a bit could have:

Nicole, Bruxelles, Belgium

Vanity plates they call it, due to the fact that most automobile owners want license number plates that mirrors their character, an extension of their inner-I. Is it narcissistic or only blameless fun for the happy rich?

What are the requirements to obtain such a chromatic or metallic identification piece.
For illustrations: funny name plates are great - such as N01PLATE, ABAND0N, FUNERA1 but avoid them ... :-)

Pirate Loose Ends
Umeko, Tokio, Japan

Where are the pirates in what regions do they carry out their international condemned crimes? They are active in the coastal and territorial waters of Somalia and the South Chinese Sea.

They rob and plunder western and asian cargo vessels and merchant ships, who depend solely - due to the costs - of the Suez port and chanel from trade routes around the Mediterrean Sea to cities far under the Gulf of Aden.

Orianna Jane, Florida

There is braille - the writing system for blind and eye-impaired persons, and there are distinguished guide dogs. What are the training compulsions for those animals. What breed is best?

What are the costs? Et cetera. Obviously speech topics for elucidative lectures.

Even when it is for visually charity fundraising intentions - and you are invited to propagandize the comical peculiarities that ends in a serious request for donations. Nice and welcome public speaking jobs!

closing mouthStyle
Dental Care
Lilly-Rose, Llanfairpwllgwyngyll Villlage

Tooth bleaching like Holly / Bollywood stars is hot. What are the dangers and risks for your set of theeth? Those are astonishing loose ends that need further inclusion. As all know, they have to last till the end of your life.

There is not much scientific study at this moment to wipe out all risks. Stay with a dental care clinic and do not purchase do it yourself at home products that could ruin your white smile when not applied properly.

The amounts of peroxide in toothbrush whiteners or any other devices you might place in your mouth should not be above the sfatey limit of 5 or 10 per cent.

Consider the precise advices on this with your local dentist of course - I'm not a doctor so no responsible. My perfect speech topic is an interactive interview session with a real certified dentist on stage.

Start with the five most frequently asked interrogation, combined with a poll among the attendees, and close with letting them ask all they want afterwards: