List of Persuasive Speech Topics
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List of persuasive speech topics including one hundred and one speech topics on global, health, law and order, and nature such as debt relief, identification technology, and birth control for Toastmasters International persuasive public speakers. These are the main stream topics for a speech to persuade.

I have listed them here to give you an overview of possible controversies, attainable debate issues and controversial opposing view points.

Some will say they are not creative and original enough. But there are always alternative ways to explore new sides and facts.

Consider it a challenge! In my other sections I explain how to write a speech about these ideas.

identification of attainable determinants

Business, education, global, health, law and order, nature science and society issues, as you can see. The main categories of this list of persuasive speech topics.

Anti-trust crimes
International arbitration rules
Breach of contract
Business ethics
Corporate crime
Debt relief
Fraud detection systems explained
Labor disputes
Lobbying for the good cause
Sexual harassment
Unemployment rates
Workplace violence

Campus date rape
School prayer or Pledge Of Allegiance bans examined
School uniforms do not improve classroom discipline
High school violence prevention programs
Sex education or do not talk about sexual orientation in biology class

A list of persuasive speech topics on global, health, law and order, and nature issues:

Armed conflicts in Africa
Biochemical weapons
Forms of public diplomacy
The purpose of espionage sedition acts
Foreign aid funding and results on the long term
Global population
Human rights should be respected
Application for immigration and naturalisation
International courts
Middle East peace roadmap for peace
Migration trends
Combatting modern slavery in the twenty-first century
Political corruption
Poverty millenium development goals of the United Nations
Racism and cultural diversity in mass media
Refugees and forced displacement worldwide in the past decade
Domestic water waste treatment plans

Alcohol abuse
Eating disorders
Healthcare policy
Illegal steroids and unethical athletes behavior in sports events
Junk food related to obesity
Mandatory AIDS testing
Mandatory drug testing
Medical ethics
Obesity facts and figures by national health centers
Organ donation
Smoking bans and restrictions judged
Sun burning and the long-term complications
Debunking weight loss myths

Act of terror
Capital punishment
Computer crime
Computer viruses
Corporal punishment
Driving under the influence
Drug legalization
Hate crimes
Identification technology
Internet privacy
Juvenile offenders
National security
Organized crime
Police violence
System of justice

Animal experimentation
Animal rights
Climate change
Renewable energy

... and the list of persuasive speech topics continues ...

SCIENCE Artificial Intelligence opportunities
Bioethics versus human rights
Cloning humans is it possible anyway?
The various philosophies about genetic engineering
Nuclear power plants and safety issues
Nuclear weapons and the drawback nonproliferation treaties
NASA shuttle program stopped
Embryonic stem cell research arguments for and against

Affirmative action
Birth control
Child abuse
Church and state
Civil Rights
Domestic disturbance
Drinking age
Gay rights
Green tax
Media violence
Minority groups
Teenage pregnancy

For now, this was the last article in my series of special topics for my Toastmasters International friends. Hope you will succeed in picking out the right idea.

Good luck with writing and delivering your presentations!

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