List Informative Speech Topics Plus Example Sub-Points

List informative speech topics for high school and college public speaking students containing the concept and categories of inflation, summer jobs, spare time, tourism, consumer product injuries, prenatal care, wildlife research, and livestock.

These are creative and fresh speech ideas. Most of them are used by my annually communication students.

You could write a separate informative speech on each of the main and sub-points: so in fact here are not eight, but up to 51 possibilities, suggestions and ideas :-) It's just the way you look at my list. You could leave common things as they are and choose for a shortcut. Let me explain my list informative speech topics below ...

When you see this:

inflation explanation diagramic

The causes of inflation - why we pay more for our daily goods
Weak currencies
Rising oil prices


1. You could write an informative public speaking speech about the theme inflation; what is it, how it works, what the dangers are, some historical facts, and for example why it is important to know the effects on our daily life.

2. But you could also choose for speechwriting about some causes of inflation (e.g. main points: warfare, weak currencies and rising oil prices).

3. And: you could use warfare as a separate theme to construct an interesting informational presentation about for example the Weapons and Warfare of the Vikings in the 8th to mid-11th century. The same goes for the weak currencies and rising oil prices ...

I wish you ongoing good public speaking succes with this:

List Informative Speech Topics

Summer Jobs For Students
   How to find the best summer job opportunity
      Resort jobs
      Cruise ship
      Hotel jobs
      Voluntary Work
      Jobs abroad

Spare Time
   Make your spare time valuable!
      Take a sports walk and brainstorm
      Paint, draw or photograph
      Backup your computerfiles weekly

   Exchange travel information in the Lonely Planet travel guides
      Outdoor activities
      Extreme foreign destinations

Consumer Product Injuries
  Statistics on injuries with consumer products
      Do it yourself equipment
      Kitchen knives
      Household appliances

Now I list informatives on things many girls like to talk about:

Prenatal Care
   Why taking care of yourself and your unborn baby in an early stage
      Multivitamins, yes or no?
      Not smoking, drinking alcohol, or using drugs
      Prenatal care visits by a doctor or infant consultant

Wildlife Research
   Be a wildlife research volunteer in African countries
      Help protecting the most endangered species on earth
      Help to improve panda sanctuaries in Asia
      Sea turtles conservation

Twelve more concepts to end this list informative speech topics page for now:

   Reasons for girls to choose agriculture or science technology high school
      Animal Science
      Natural Resources
      Plant Science

Help For Crime Victims
   What to do when you become a crime victim while you travel or work abroad?
      Legal advice and assistance
      Crime victim compensation
      Victim services and associations

Lots of exercises start with one simple broad theme. Like culture, that could be dived into many parts. You can do it yourself with my other lists! Just begin with writing various aspects on a paper. Success!

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