30 Kid Speech Topics Easy to Apply

Kid speech topics list including nice material on wildlife sea aquariums, Disney World themparks or The funniest Pokémon cards, and more child's play concepts:

1. Original projects to surprise my parents on Mother's Day (in the Spring) and Father's Day (often marked in June).

2. How penguins live on Antarctica and only there and not on the North Pole (besides the zoo of course).

3. The working of rain, when does it starts raining, thunder lightning or explain snowfall or ide on the windows of your partents' car.

4. I don't like to eat ... Fill in something you dislike, and surprise us with real genuine meat so to speak :-).

5. My favorite band or singer, and one of his or her greatest hits I would like to play with some clarification.

6. If I was a princess or prince, I would ... Fill in any crazy, funny or hot kid speech topics.

7. My toys, dolls or mini racing cars collection.

8. Where we went on vacation/holiday - describe some features.

9. A day at the wildlife sea aquarium, with dolphins, sharks, whales and seals.

10. Suggestions for school field trips, such as historical landmarks, local police station, fire department, post office, museum.

11. My favorite sports:

12. How I decorate my room at home.

13. Ghost castles and their stories.

14. What we did on summer school camp, list nice activities like kite flying, rafting, swimming, school trips to heritage sites, baking and cooking.

15. My trip to Disney World or other resort.

16. The rules of Paintball and safety issues.

17. How your parents can print free coloring pages.

18. The best fairy tale, or a variation child speech topic can be a cartoon character.

19. What I think of Hamster Dance.

20. What is the Kids Newsroom?

21. Halloween pumpkin carving, teach your speechclass friends templates and patterns.

22. How trees grow, or come up with kid speech topics on plants and flowers.

23. Recipes for kids, and think about kids with diabetes, some form of lactose intolerance or vegetarians.

24. How to prepare for a day at the beach.

25. The funniest Pokémon cards, mention the different generations of card sets since the start of the popular series.

26. Why my neighbourhood is cool.

27. Three hard to believe miracles.

28. Teachers should ... or shouldn't ...

29. My biggest adventure.

30. Good kid games online.

31. How kangaroos care for their children.

32. The funniest April Fool's Day joke.

33. The training you have to admit to become a police officer.

My Tip: Vary on these educational child speech topics, I am sure you will come up with more kid speech topics: