10 Keynote Speech Topics
and Inkling Tips

Keynote speech topics and how to write an engaging oratory piece for different informative motivational persuasive themebased ideas as public speaking training. Drafting a foundation for belief or action can be a harrowing prospect for most people regardless of their oratory experience.

Most people who try to tackle the task without a set plan and structure end up fumbling in front of the very people that they want to impress and / or motivate.

Writing does not have to be the mammoth task that most people make it out to be:

Here is a look at some tips on how you can deliver an impressive and engaging presentation and some fail proof keynote speech topics. The process of writing an authorative text that will enthrall your audiences can be divided into these parts:

1. Preparation

No motivational speaker, celebrated world or corporate leader or even a high school student can boast of delivering engaging lines without proper preparation. This is simply not a task that can be tackled at the drop of a hat.

Regardless of the keynote speech topics that you choose, the preparatory steps will remain unchanged. Here is how you can prepare for an exciting cornerstone address.

Know your audience. Yeah ... this may sound like a cliché albeit it is one of the fundamental principles of good oratory on chief ingredients.

How can you possibly impress people you know nothing about?

So start by understanding your audience! For instance, it would be a bad idea to talk about legalizing marijuana or shorter prison terms for convicts at a police convention.

Similarly, you will lose the interest and focus of 16 or 17 year old girls if you try talking to them about the importance of formulating career goals ... On the other hand, any talk about dating a young cutie will go a long way in perking their interest :-)

As a public speaker, you need to ensure that the information is delivered in a context that can be easily understood. And the theme of your keynote speech topics should also help them to remember long after they have left the auditorium.

Research. Although speakers are also human and nobody will expect you to know everything, it certainly helps if you know a lot about the subject in hand.

There are distinct advantages to thoroughly researching your speech topics:
  • Additional information takes the speech in a different direction;

  • It definitely staves off the inclination to include random bits of minutiae.
Plan the talk for the given time frame. .

Two unforgivable speech giving crimes are a very long or a very short piece. Ideally, you should try to keep your paragraph structure in the range of 10 to 20 minutes so that you do not bore your audience members.

This may mean practicing the speech a few times and adding and deleting points to make it fit the given time frame.

2. Writing: Important Keynote Speech Ideas

Start with a bang!

Always try to grab the attention by using an attention grabbing quotation, startling figures or even a thought provoking question.

Think about the introduction.

Your introduction should give a glimpse into what you are going to tell. Use a mind map or 3 to 5 inch cards to create a rough summary of the main points of your keynote speech topics as well as 3 to 5 supporting points. Give due thought to the outline structure.

If you're going to talk about accomplishments and struggles to highlight your main point, start by telling them about what you accomplished then throw in failures and dark moments. While your audience is grappling at the bottom, bring them up with a mention of the key turning events to complete the cycle of motivation.

Jot down the anecdotes and examples that you intend to use..

Do not write down the story, this will kill your freedom as a motivational speaker. However, it’s always a good idea to write a one liner that will remind you of the anecdote at the appropriate point.

A simple phrase such as “Mr Smith - example - dealing with adversity” should suffice.


Close with three to four points that you want them to take back home.

10 Sample Keynote Speech Topics

The best to talk about - for public speaking training too are:

1. Team Building;
2. Performance;
3. Future growth;
4. Goals;
5. Positive thinking;
6. Sustained competitive advantage;
7. Leadership;
8. Changes;
9. Happiness in life;
10. Achievements, should they rule your life:

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