Kaleidoscopic Mix

by Hannah

Saddle a horse, bridle a horse, clean and scrub a hore back, bath a hore tenderly, feed a horse water, feed a goat or sheep, bottle feed a baby goat nice and slow.

by: Mandy,
San Antonio

Planning a wedding: all the preps and the day itself.

Demonstrate ...
by: Annie

1. riding a unicycle.
2. riding a bicycle.
3. making a scarf.
4. catching a fish.
5. sewing something.
6. making origami.
7. feeding a chicken.
8. cooking a meal.
9. using a remote.
10. eating really fast.
11. making someone or yourself faint.
12. using pressure points.
13. doing self-defence.

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Saddle a Horse
by: Dana, Ia

I first started out with introducing the saddle and the main parts that are important and that I will focus on to accomplish the demonstration speech. Next I take the first step start putting the saddle together.

I started out with the sturrup and pulling it over the seat of the saddle to be out of the way. Where they may ask that you start, well its always on the left side of the horse where you attend to the saddle, mount the horse and also to get off correctly.

First you go to tie by putting the loop through the top part as if you were wrapping it through until you know you have just enough to loop through going from from you to the horse.

Second once you have enough slack but not to much or to tight, before to finish the tie be sure to put at least three to four fingers through the gurt to be sure the horse has room to breath.
note to self:(horses hold their breath while you are tying to make sure you dont choke them.

Three you finish tying and continue to put it stripped over towards the right and then in behind and through the back underneath the the first cross loop you did you the right at the beginning.

There might be an extra loop at the top if you have a really long strap but some don't
Then you grab the sturrup pull it back over and your ready to ride.

by: Jessica, Ohio

a survival kit.
a cheap costume.
the perfect powerpoint.
the perfect tp throw.
something for less than a dollar.
And: How to get kicked out of applebees.
Pack for a long trip.
Wrap a present.

Ideas For ...
by: Destiny, Logan, Ohio

Build a quad runner
Change oil in a car or automobile oldtimer
Make a pb & j sandwhich
Work on a computer al day long
Flat iron your curly hair
Vote for your president officials
Work on a engine safely
Build a bird house in the garden
Give a dog worm shots with a veterinarian

by: Kadera, Denham Springs, LA

Whip cream cooking and baking.

Fearless Living
by: Rajdatta, Nasik, India

Is it possible? Yes it is!
a. Need to get rid of a lots of fear so as to enjoy life to the fullest.
b. Small fears - fear of communication with opposite sex, fear of communication with teachers, fear of communication with parents, fear of communication with boss, public speaking fear phobia ...
c. These fears can become limiting factors in overall growth of a person.
d. Very important to have a fearless world to live a king size life ...

Hair, Michigan, USA
by: Trina

Tease Hair.
Curl the princess way.
Make a Bun.
Put Rollers In.
Braid Hair the good way.

Put Together Aggressive Skates
by: Isaac, Swartz Creek, MI United States

Demonstration speech on how to put together aggressive skates.
Talk about sports in restaurants too loud.
Talk about each piece and why its important.
Tell about why you do it, And Where.
Talk about how it is used, and when you are done putting it together in a polite address.

Preparing a Ham Torta
by: Carina, Chicago Il, US

Making a Ham Torta.

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