J.K. Rowling Harvard Video

by Hannah
(Oxford, UK)

This is focused failure and struggle, and on the power of imagination. She knows what it is to be a single mother with no future and how to get out of that situation. Before she achieved lots of success with the Harry Potter books and movie series, the author learned that failure taught things about herself that she could have learned no other way. I think this is an absolute must in the Famous Speech by Woman series. To put it short, in her memorable Harvard Commencement Rowling emphasizes how important imagination is in overcoming failures.

She urges us to use our status and influence to raise the voice of those who have no voice. She calls us to imagine ourselves into the lives of those who do not have privileges. It is loaden with citations that illustrates the core of her speech topics. Now watch and hear the memorable video in three parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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by: Arienne, New Mexico City

I want to suggest these resolutions to let mrs. Rowling talk about in future opening sessions. Poverty can be cured by embarkating quality eucation that give young adult a way out, up on the social stairs of self-employability. Criticism is a powerful accounterment that must be used under the comditions of good governance. Closing the gap between elected politician and ordinary citizens is a mission impossible - or isn't it? A curiculam build on fraud and not true achievements must meet only one penalty, that of sacking the person in question and there must be a black-list of people who have sinned against the thruth. And the final motion for debate is on smoking. It should be banned from all public spheres.

Launch of a Library
by: Lwandiso, South Africa

Launch of library. Encouraging students to learn. hungry for words. Love of books. (Thanks for these Lwandiso, soon I will compose an outline for it, educational librarians will love that too I presume, Jim)

Benefits of Failure
by: Lorna, Uppsala

The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination is a perfect example of writing speech topics that deal with disappointment, deterioration, frustration and procrastination.

by: Petra,Fayettevillle, North Carolina

Her view is that failure can be truly inspiring. O agree that too many people give up and not realize what their potential can be in the end after some struggle. So I bring this in: look for quotes that force you to committ, pledge, or engage yourself to a higher goal in life. Many meeting members will like to hear you talking about that theme. Ciao!

by: Lia

Another famous woman in the suffrage history - Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

by: Vixen, Norway

My female hero is former prime-minister Gro Harlem Brundtland of Norway. You can quote her easily in a commencement address.

Frida Kahlo
by: Natalie, Texas

Frida Kahlo as a feminist icon. She also has given an example of power ladies.

by: !!

I think this is one of the greatest stage performences ever!

Moving and Inspiring
by: Janice

This is most moving and most inspirational I have ever heard. It brought a few tears to my eyes as I listened to it. Ms. Rowling stated some profound truths, and I thank her for that. Janice

by: Oliver

Hi, Some interesting quotations is in the middle part. And another one to think about before going to sleep. And read her closing statement again if you like. You see, these citations are literal jewels, so if yo haven't seen the whole, just do it now!

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