12 International Speech and Table Topics Quality-Minded

International speech and table topics for anyone who have to organize a Toastmasters Contest for public speaking competitors and for anyone who have the honor to take the Chair for the Chief Judge. Teachers and students are invited to use the captivating objects, gracious places, and riveting situations in high school or college too:

That is an extemporaneous speaking exercise where the speaker speaks in an impromptu style - without thorough preparation in advance.

These ideas are useful for anyone who takes the Contest Chair and for the Chief Judge - and even for preparing international happenings where you have to represent your own club and you want to exercise with some sample persuasive topics you have not previously seen.

I have developed this list of international speech and table topics in a way you can respond them in 1 up to 2 minutes in an interactive pro-active session:

Objects / Places
  • Ask the public speaker to describe the audience in detail.

  • Do a TV commercial on a random grocery store product.

  • Advocate for a decent ringtones police for mobile phones.

  • What place should every (fill in your nationality) have visited?

  • Comment the driver's mindset behind this bumper sticker text: Dont Tailgate Me Or I'll Brake.

  • Defend the urge for computer and mobile phone radiation protection.

  • What is your word or quotation of the week?

  • Opinionate on the latest big story / hoax in the news / talk of the town.

  • A role play between a pro and a con activist on proclaiming a Worldwide Non Smoking Day.

  • How is it like to live in a cave?

  • Accept the Award for Most Likely to Be Late To Her/His Own Wedding.

  • Pretend to be a radio sports journalist and comment your favorite event.


Organize your international speech and table topics in your mind on or a small piece of paper? Well, try my four suggestions for responding properly:

1. Present your view and show that to be the truth with three arguments at least. Four or five will do, to but be aware that every listener has to remember the thrre strongest points of your discourse.

2. Offer insight about a problem related to the subject and give causes. Relate it to their own world, their natural everyday habitat.

3. Offer insight about a problem related to the toastmasters international speech and table topics and give solutions. Not a dialogue but an interactive pro-active session in which you invite them to think together - loud and clear - about solutions that bring change in rooted and rusted routine patterns.

4. Examine the steps, stages and phases and judge them.

5. Tell an anecdote or story about the public speaking issue: