4 Interesting Speech Topic Ideas Appropriate

Interesting speech topic ideas about driving safety, constitutional democracy, felon voting and childhood vaccination as sample public speech topics including some points to strengthen your side. Note that these theses are not my personal views but examples for your convenience only, for high school students.

You may use them without any restriction leading to a good result and the best speech presentation. Modify them in an opposite direction and of course substitute the points if you like.

But ensure you state logical arguments that are functional and beneficial to the thesis you choose out of the following interesting speech topic ideas.

First three informative to understand what I mean:

Cell Phone And Driving Distraction Safety Facts
  1. State the percentage and number of injured and killed persons caused by distracted driving in your country or state. And draw conclusions on the patterns you see.

  2. Show the forms of distraction, as there happen to be three categories: Visual disorientation - that is to say looking to your phone means taking your eyes off the road.

  3. Cognitive distraction - that is using the cell phone distracts your mind from the traffic.

  4. Manual distraction - meaning not with two hands on the steering wheel.

  5. Hand-held or hands-free, what is the difference? Is there a difference? What are legally allowed alternatives? What are the dissimilarities between the state laws anyway?
These two other advisory subjects could serve as interesting speech topic ideas for your assignment:

The Basic Features Of A Constitutional Democracy
  1. Government by popular consent and majority rule. Amd what does it mean in practice?

  2. Minorities and individuals are protected against the majority. Is that true in the end? Could you also state that minorities overrule the will of most of us?

  3. The leaders are elected by the people, elections must be free, fair and transparant. Are they free and honest, what is the role of international observers during election day?

  4. There are forms of personal freedom rights but they can be limited to protect the rights of others.

  5. Based on a set of governing constitution rules.

  6. The main governing types: a president or the parliament has the highest authority.
Some Felons May Vote And Some Not...
  1. The US states with voting restrictions for some convicted persons.
  2. The facts and the figures of state and federal inmates.

  3. What particular restrictions the authorities have issued.

  4. The working of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act in relation to an individual who has committed a felony.

  5. The possibility of the absentee ballot while behind bars.
Interesting speech topic ideas about health care and children are popular for all sorts of audiences. Consider this persuasive topic in particular:

Childhood Vaccination Should Be Required
  1. The recommended childhood vaccinations list explained.

  2. Many diseases kids are vaccinated for are dormant for years so the immunization is in their interest.

  3. Parents have the duty to care for immunization of their children.

  4. Children could be harmed if they do not take proper prevention methods.

  5. It is the strongest prevention against people from other countries who are bringing unknown diseases with them to us.