60 Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics to Set Your Own Plan

Interesting persuasive speech topics based on coaching experience in lots of engaging situations with the aim of maximizing results in rhetorical development. Scan the list below and start with jotting down the first controversy, statement or point of view that comes up in your mind.

Appeal to agree with changes, to adopt another approach or to act like you suggest. Think about a statement on facts, values or policies. You can turn around these persuasion statements.

For example look at it from opposite sides. Refine your interesting persuasive speech topic by choosing a creative and reliable angle of approach. Wondering what you want to change right now:

Things in your community, school, college, university, state, country or in the world that make you angry, bother or concern you?

What do you feel strongly about?

What problems, situations or circumstances keep you busy?

What should be outlawed?

What should be done?

What goes wrong if we don't act?

A List Of Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

Activism on enganging social matters
Aging is a threat for pension funding
Agricultural machinery earthfriendly
Alternative lifestyles and the influence on art
Anarchy extremes
Animal sports banning campaigns
Boxing and brain damages
Coaching as part of inner growth
Core values of our community
Dangers of gambling in the short and long term
Defense missile plans
Dentistry insurances - what is wise?
Disabilities and access to public buildings
Emergency calls and evacuation exercises
Preparation for unexpected dooms and disasters
Employment programs and the real effects
Famous historical statements and the consequences
Finding niches for your own small business
Global leadership is not possible
Government decisions that miss the point entirely
The healthcare industry and the millions they earn
Hospitality as value instrument to better foreign relationships
Becoming millionaire and than ...
Staying focused at meetings - tricks to keep awake at boring lectures
Human resources management is another word for sacking people politely
Hunting sports harm the biodiversity
Innovative experiments that are benefitting all
Investing with micro-credits in favellas
Journalism codes are at stake
Knowledge management should be mandatory in each study curriculum
Logistics is the base of enrmous projects
Maximizing results is only possible through severe budget cuts and efficiencies
The military corps - professionals and / or voluntareers
Modern art is for the elite
Motivation courses have one objective: to fund the instructors bank account
Nudism could be legal behing high fences
Nutrition patterns could change the human dna genome structure
Paranormal healers are imposterous charlatans
Partnership is two way traffic
Keep a close eye on your personal finance if you want to achieve something in life
Personal organization of your household is a specialist job
Pharmaceuticals are not transparant
Philanthropy is the fundament of curiosity
Politics is invented by people who want just to be in charge
Preventing spam is a mission impossible
Quality control seals is the start of controlling our food chain
Real estate brokers are selling bad houses as palaces due to their creative terminology
Recruiting marines is a though duty
Rhetoric techniques pave the way to succes in life
Safety and security above all, okay, but what is you do not know the likely scenarios?
Shooting incidents and the traumas
Speech technology is still in its infancy
Speed dating can be fun
Spirituality is everywhere and in all humans
Team spirit is the base for maximizing results
Techniques and methods for transgenderation assessed
Travel health is easy to set up
Undergraduation does not mean you are not qualified for a successful carrer in the end.
Weather changes are caused by the industrial revolution since 1850.
Your main goal in life is to ...

And so on. Or try to find a related interesting persuasive speech topic. Now determine what is important and valuable to your audience.

Make it relevant to the interests of the public.
  • What does the public think of the controversy?

  • What do the listeners like or don't like?
List the changes and actions you suggest. Tell why we should respond, and what actions are required.

Prove that your ideas are right and that your solution is the only way to reach a better situation. List the benefits.

Persuade your public to agree with the points of view in your interesting persuasive speech topics: