Inspirational Speech Topics
That Give Results

Inspirational speech topics to help you brainstorming and to create an effective outline pattern with the Foundations Obstacles Method and the Reason Giving Method for an unrehearsed public talk:

The effectiveness depends on the organizational pattern you choose.

Look through the strategies below to determine your own tactics.

These speaking ideas mainly are based on policy or value claims.

They can be about current or historical political, religious, commercial or social events, situations, issues or moments. But it all depends on the occasion of your communication.

Use the proper writings style in accordance with the formality of the occasion. Whatever that may be: always choose for positive and forceful motivational grounds to inspire, to uplift yourself and your public.

First, appeal to the feelings, the emotions, the values and thoughts of your listeners and adapt them to the purpose of the presentation. Is the hope plea at the beginning of a college or business meeting?

Is it the start if a kick-off event? Are you going to give a pep talk?

Second, determine the purpose of your inspirational speech topics - what is it that you want to accomplish? What should the audience belief, feel or think and why?

Do you want to inspire them to these example personal growth themes:
  • Build self-esteem;
  • Encourage them in their tasks;
  • Help them to see things in a positive light;
  • Inspire them to change their beliefs, feelings or thoughts;
  • Inspire the public to achieve great things in life;
  • Gain commitment for a common goal.

My Tips
Decide on how you want to achieve your goal. An important strategy could be this: relate the inspiring speech topic to a moment or an event the audience immediatly recognizes.

Therefore, research information, and the reasons and arguments to gain their passive or active agreement on the spot.

Possible ingredients could be these pointers:
  • Emphasize the importance and goals of the event;
  • Explain them what you are going to accomplish together;
  • Explain recently developed or discovered ideas, thoughts, theories or view;
  • State facts and scientific studies that have been reinvestigated with new outcomes;
  • Tell a story in order to stimulate their imagination with illustrations and comparisons;
  • Mention and remember important current events, situation or moments.
The Foundations Obstacles Method
One way for reseaching and outlining inspiriational speech topics is the Foundations Obstacles Method. State obstacles, and:
  • Remind your public to principal beliefs and values by reasoning and emotional arguments.
  • Make a clear recommendation.
  • Prove that this recommendation is common to their feelings, values and views.
  • Conclude with a powerful, very enthusiastic and positive appeal to agree or act at the end of your inspirational speech topics.
The Reason Giving Method
The Reason Giving Method is often used by educational and motivational speakers to develop and research inspiring subjects. Major points in this public speaking education outline are the reasons your audience should think, feel, believe as you want them to do.

Start with the one that seems the most important:
  • What ought to be corrected according to you the speaker - and why?
  • What are the demands - and why?
  • What must be retained - and why?
  • What do we have to do or not - and why?
  • Can we save time and money - and how?
Figure out what these reasons are for your inspirational speech topics and put them in your presentation to motivate and persuade the listeners to act: