3 Informative Speech Topics
on Love Matters

Informative speech topics on love cupid and his companions and several prototype engagement love speaking ideas on indefinable feelings of affection toward a person.

LOVE - Your Brain Falls in Love Not Only Your Heart
These chemicals rule your body and brains when you like someone a bit more.
Show them an infographic of the brain parts that are involved in the fall-in-love events such as dating up to weddings, and explain how the chemicals communicate with each other:

IEstrogen for your overall sex drive and fertility;
IITestosterone improves your mood and sexual performance;
IIIDopamine leads to the focus on sexual gratification due to feel-good feelings;
IVNorepinephrine boosts the adrenaline floods, causing high heart beats and blood pressure;
VOxytocin hormone is good for social bonding and affectionately;
VIPhenylethylamine for an euphoric mood (lots of this stuff is available in chocolate candy)
VIIVasopressin arrouses excitement and interest in the boy or girl you like;
VIIISerotonin make you feel relaxed and you are willing to trust the other person:

CUPID as inexhaustible source for informative speech topics on love.
E.g.- Who Was and Is Cupid and Co?

IThe god of love in Ancient Roma - Eros is his equivalent in Greek mythology;
IIThe meaning and history of Cupid in life and art;

IIIAnd what about his 'sister' Aphrodite (Roman) and Venus (Greek)?;

IVAnd about his brother Anteros the personification of understanding each others' love feelings;

VPlus what is the relationship between the little arrowed creature and the annual February 14 Valentine's Day? (named after the Roman bishop in the third century Anno Domini, patron saint of affianced couples.

ENGAGEMENT - All You Wanted to Know About Engagement ...

IDescribe the things you need to keep track when you want to coordinate the engagement party:

a. Who is throwing the party? The couple, parents?
b. And what about sharing the costs :-)
c. Another question to respond: who is official host?
d. Who sends invitations: We are delighted to announce ...

IIWhat to think about the engagement present ideas?

IIIHire a photographer for professional photographs.

IVWhat are the proper rings for both men an women - and who decides on color, and the type of precious metal (silver or gold);

VWhy you should get engaged, and why and when you best could shut your mouth instead of proposing ...

Other love speaking ideas are friendship-plus, relationship forms, marriage proposals, or fast easy divorcing: