30 Informative Speech Topic Statements

Informative speech topic ideas in blueprinted accounts and comments for occasions you need immediately instant material on lets say yoga tips or aerodynamics in sports equipment, remember well: you have to apply your own creative thinking skills:

a. Ways to help under-developed countries of Africa.
b. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. E.g The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    the Colossus of Rhodes, the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
c. What is BarMitzwah and the ceremony?
d. The history of aboriginals in Australia an their position today.
e. Why dragons perform in Chinese New Year celebrations - visualize it too.

f. Different types of whales; marine life happens to be a very good short informal
   essay or informative speech topic.
g. Why the Roman build huge aqueducts in France.
h. The boats of the Vikings of Scandinavia.
i. Samurai warriors of Ancient Japan and their functions.
j. Plants, animals and other organisms that live in the oceans.
k. Where are the greatest rainforests in our world and what about the species?

Jean Baudrillard French sociologist arises uncertainty about informative questions

l. The planets, moons, asteroids, comets and dwarf planets in our Solar System.
m. How the American Civil War began - only the main causes.
n. The secrets of crop circles revealed (they are man made ;-)
o. If I was a journalist for one day, I should publish ...
p. Does Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster exist?

q. Yoga tips for beginners and starters - ideal to demonstrate some postures.
r. Why the unsinkable Titanic sank - and why there is now a Replica Titanic.
s. Mysterious stories of the Bermuda Triangle and their scientific explanation.
t. How Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas - does he explore them
u. Famous temples in the Maya culture and the discovery.

v. How the Greec organize their Ancient Olympics.
w. The brave travels of Marco Polo in Asia.
x. How animals can survive the extreme cold of Antarctica.
y. History of our National Anthem and the rituals.
z. How to plan a pleasing and not boring geology field trip for high school.

These 26 informative speech topic statements give you an impression of what you can do with your favorite themes, topics, subjects and issues:

* Alter them in any way you like;

* Narrow the focus;

* And give them your own twist or just be inspired to find alternative ones.

Four more to close for now:

Aerodynamics in sports equipment.
Architecture: building and construction styles.
Futuristic vehicles in transportation.
The most famous tricks of Houdini the magician.

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