99 Informational Speech Topics For Speech Class

Informational speech topics about cutural heritage libraries, books, arts, architecture, performing, and multimedia uses for informative public speaking speech class.

Every column row represents a speech idea - a broad theme or a more refined and narrowed speech topic.

Invented by students for students!

Stir up your imagination and start scrolling and mapping your thoughts :-) Perhaps just one of the list of informational speech topics below will make you happy and helps you to create and write your own. Good luck!

Cutural Heritage The UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage landmarks list. The main criteria for selection.
The list of properties which are nominated - and why.
The steps, stages and governing bodies in the submission and approval process.

Multi-Functional Famous Libraries The famous Boston Public Library. The founders.
The public task.
The architects.
The Oxford University Bodleian Library. The Middle Age buildings.
The role of Sir Thomas Bodley.
More than books and manuscripts...
The François Mitterrand French National Library. The special construction of four open books like towers.
The various cultural exhibits. (Special exhibits in other museums could also generate as beautiful list of informational speech topics)
The virtual features.
The Library of Congress. Highlights of the collection.
Its mission to support the constitutional duties.
Its awards for humanities and creativity achievements.

Those libraries remind me of more informational speech topics my students talked about: books - yes, but theu focused not on the contents, but on the making...

Books The invention of the bookpress. Johannes Gutenberg or Laurens Janszoon Coster?
Movable type printing.
Rotary printing.
Offset press.
How to make and publish a book yourself. The craft and art of writing.
Bookbinding techniques.
The cost-effective benefits of publishing yourself.
The Frankfurt Book Fair. The business trade meetings about selling books.
The illustration department.
Translation rights.
History of the books. Papyrus scrolls in Egypt.
Papermaking in China.
Medieval monks manuscripts.

Informational speech topics with power point pictures - you can show all features, and works and inform your audience about the significant methodes and techniques of the old masters of art and craftmanship:

Visual Arts Sculptures. Auguste Rodin: From ordibary ornamental sculptor to the creator of The Thinker.
African wood human form sculptures.
Outdoor and indoor art in schools and college campuses.
Ceramics. How to techniques for repairing broken pottery.
Handmade porcelain and stoneware beads jewelry necklaces.
Royal Delft Blue Pottery.
Drawing. The unknown side of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn: his drawings.
Anatomy and figure sketching.
Pencil and charcoal fine art portraits.
Painting. Claude Monet: key figure of the French Impressionist movement.
How to approach an abstract art work and try to understand it.
Live and works of surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

The same goes for this inventory - you can visualize them easily with picture slides and topographic maps. That's the way you make your points stronger:

Architecture Asian historical architecture. The making of the famous Great Wall of China.
The 2nd century BC Jandial Temple.
The oldest Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque in Delhi. Or take other temples and churches as informational speech topics.
Gardens The King Louis XIV Versaille palace garden in Paris.
The Kirstenbosch botanical garden in South Africa.
Holland's Keukenhof near Amsterdam.
Architectural types and styles. Romanesque - Saint Paul's Cathedral in the United Kingdom.
Neo-Classical - Helsinki Library, at Helsinki, Finland.
Baroque - Piazza di Spagna, or the Spanish Steps in Rome.

You could perform these informational speech topics in a cool demonstration in speech class. Demonstrate the steps, amazing facts and criticism.

Performing Arts Dance What boys should know about ballet.
Why the foxtrot is the dance everybody that belong to your cultural education.
Limbo dancing (cross under a stick) and its origins from Africa.
Magic Every illusionist must invest lots of money in buying new amazing tricks and props...
Witchcraft and wicca is not the same as black magic.
Spiritualism according to the famous master Harry Houdini.
Circus Acts (don't do this at home or in speech class) Did you know about juggling robots?
History and trivia about trapeze acrobat acts.
Do lion tamers get health insurance or not?
Opera The Comic Opera, Opera Buffa, and Operettas - musical drama wit a touch of humor and lightness.
The Italian Opera: Florentine, Neopolitan, Roman and Venetian styles.
The Opera Semiseria: comedy mixed with pathos, e.g. Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Rock Opera: The Wall by Roger Waters and Tommy of The Who.

Types of multimedia and their applications in classroom are also nice informational speech topics, because you can explore them together with visual aids like ppt's:

Multimedia Use in Class Storybooks. Interactive animations of basic physics concepts.
Speech and sound effects integrated into history class stories.
Talking Books Text to speech programs; nice too by the way :-)
Book talks as teaser to promote reading literature.
Computer Simulations Of archaeological sites - e.g. great discoveries.
Of objects - e.g. a new sports stadum.
Of processes - e.g. Super Tuesday.