20 Indictment Speech Topics Improved Versions

Indictment speech topics to accusate allegate blame charge and incriminate, or just to make a fine spicy statement selected in this list of indictment speech ideas for public speaking.

Do accuse somebody or some institution of wrongdoing or misbehavior but do it with the good and valid arguments and evidence!

Iran has to blame itself for worldwide economic sanctions.

The age of consent is pretty arbitrary for judges in some criminal law cases.

Greed of businessmen is the main factor behind the meltdown of the financial institutions.

Poor and wealthy people commit just as much crime but their intentions are different.

Using performance enhancing drugs is evidence of lacking personal discipline of athletes.

Censors are just censoring the freedom of speech. (Yeah, discussing about censorship ánd freedom of speech, those are true great indictment speech topics in itself :-)

The federal budget deficit might be much higher if the administration had not invested huge amounts in enforcing the use of marijuana ...

The Arizona Immigration Law of the Governor is / is not the answer on the immigration debate. (Choose your indictment speech topic)

Separation of church and state is / is not at risk in the hands of lawmakers.

The vast majority of European voters do not know anything about the European Union.

The FBI is acting like Big Brother using its database of biometrical data of millions.

Yóur household is a throw-away householf too! (What to do about it?)

Obeying a Zero Tolerance policy is much easier / better than obeying DUI (Driving Under the Influence) laws. (Take one of these indictment speech ideas)

Most of us misconceive the meaning and quintessence of the Carbon Footprint.

The social web actually is ruled and shaped by ladies.

Young adults are less religious than older people. Media networks uses hoaxes to obtain attention of viewers.

Most boys and girls do not behave themselves at Mardi Gras parades.

Personal marketing advertising often do not target consumer sympathy but consumer agony.

NASA should stop looking for life on Mars: there is no life!

Student loans are not invented for the benefit of the student only, banks certainly want to get a piece of the cake ...