20 Impromptu Speech Topics High School

Impromptu speech topics high school using task words to direct you in the process of developing twenty of the best speech topics for public speaking.

Here I provide a more detailed explanation about what your teacher expects when she or he writes these commonly used words and questions in a good impromptu speaking assignment.

Read the samples in my teaching and learning section to avoid misinterpretation.

That could occur about the goals and construct good speech topics in a couple of minutes and than: talk on your feet in class.


Analyse → Examine closely a current social event you've learned a lot about, or you've enjoyed.
Argue → Provide evidence to support the theory that the cause of the crisis is the excessive short term bonus structure in our financial system.
Assess → Consider the value of a domestic companion animal for the elderly.
Compare → Identify the similarities and differences of the Christian and Islamic religious traditions.
Contrast → The differences of opinion between Democrat and Republican politicians.
Criticize → Judge the merits and faults of this public speaking impromptu assigment.
Define → State the precise meaning of a grand jury in a trial.
Describe → Give the characteristics of mammals, the mammalian species.
Discuss → The pros and cons of lowering the drinking age to a younger age.
Enumerate → List the steps and stages to take proper family photos.
Evaluate → The usefulness of diplomas and certifications. As a public speaking professor I like this kind of impromptu speech topics high school, know why and what your are studying for :-)
Explain → Make clear how childhood obesity begins and what the causes are.
Illustrate → Show how an exotic drink is prepared out of precise amounts of ingredients.
Interpret → The importance and implications of good consumer information on food labels.
Justify → Why the giant bailouts of car manufacturers were needed.
Outline → The effects of global warming on the arctic ecosystem.
Prove → The truth about the damages that could occur of vaccinations for pets.
Review → Deliver a critical report about the most famous and populair restarant or bar in town. This statement will generate good impromptu speech topics high school.
Summarize → Make a summary of the primary purposes of a recent police investigation in your local area you read about in the newspapers.
Trace → The development of pregnancy from the conception to the birth of a child. Explain the stages in the nine month schedule of a beginning new human being.