20 Impromptu Speech Topics for College

Impromptu speech topics for college in case your are required to speak in front of everyone out of the blue about specific issues ad-libbing as public speaking training: 

Second, use my basic outline template - scroll down to it. Print it and learn the simple structure by heart. No worries, it is really that simple :-)

Keep it simple. Especially when you have to speak for let's say a minute of three to five. To put it roughly: one minute per main point often will do the trick! Rehearse your first line.

Rehearse your last line; that is your relevant call to action. See more of my basic checks for speaking off the cuff when you are invited to do so.


Analyse → Show the essence of a college sports scholarship.
Argue → Present the reasons why international climate change mitigation strategies will fall short. Tip: each of those reasons could be good by themselves.
Assess → Decide the value of a BA or Master degree.
Compare → Show similarities and differences of good college essays.
Contrast → Distinguish the economic differences between the North and South.
Criticize → Give a judgment of the positive and negative effects of video games on kids.
Define → Make clear what the word quality means under certain circumstances.
Describe → Provide the detailed features of your new iPhone. Or take an alternative gadget for similar impromptu speech topics for college.
Discuss → List and judge the for and against of anti-doping programs in sports.
Enumerate → List the steps to help making an informed decision about a future professional career.
Evaluate → The usefulness of your public speaking training abilities.
Explain → Make clear how and why people get a burnout.
Illustrate → What is a final salary scheme in calculating retirement pensions?
Interpret → The value of information provided through school libraries.
Justify → Why intelligence services must apply forms of domestic spying.
Outline → The effects of industrialization after the invention of the steam engine.
Prove → Teen girls are getting very liberal with sexual favors, no that's a false understatement.
Review → Be a critic of impromptu speech topics for college of your public speaking instructor suggests.
Summarize → Wrap up the last meeting of your campus community board; any decisions taken for example about sports scholarships improvements?
Trace → The interesting process of genetic reproductive cloning, by which an animal is created with the same DNA as an existing animal.