16 Humorous Persuasive Speech Topics Indulging

Humorous persuasive speech topics for students who want to bring in something good for training your public speaking skills on something else than common funny persuasion speech ideas:

1. Three reasons why ... (fill in your favorite cheerleader team here) will win the Superbowl this year.

2. Fainting for high school is pretty common and often not a sign of something serious.

3. Men should never wear skinny jeans - most of the time it is better when he has a normal regular fit denim:

4. Why rose is the best flowers' fragrance many women like.

5. Girls under 12 should not be allowed to wear makeup. It is not a pretty sight isn't it? Or do you think peageant beauty contests for young children are okay?

6. Wendy's / Burger King / McDonald's (choose your fast food restaurant) has the best service and consumer complaint codes of conduct.

7. My favorite Agent 007 James Bond is ... (fill in the actor / actress of your choice here. Or do choose another movie hero for alternative humorous persuasive speech topics)

8. Design your own How Cool Are You test, and persuade you class to take it.

9. Seven signs that someone is a real bitch type, and ways how to handle her.

10. Five requirements to be called a bestie by girlfriends - ask them if they can make a short most wanted features they call for.

11. Three symptoms that show you are definitely addicted to online quizzes.

12. Fingerprints are unique for every human being and they are indispensable for forensic investigation. And expand these humorous persuasive speech topics to ears.

Yes, the form and shape of everyone's ears are also unique. Once there was a burglar who was caught by the police because he left and ear-print on the glass of a window; to listen if the coast was clear ... :-) Really happened.

13. Diet or regular drinks: it doesn't matter at all what you drink as in both of them is mixed in sufficient sugar extracts to make you a fatty that longs for a weight loss diet anyway.

14. We should adapt the Chinese Calender / National Calendar of India! That is easier to understand than the western shaped Julian calender.

15. We should print small fun items on our coins that symbolizes our nation. (use your fantasy to convince them :-)

16. What you should wear / not wear when giving a prom speech or what is the appropriate apparel while improving public speaking skills in front of a class session?