How to Play Baseball

by Chase
(Fort Collins Co United States)

You could talk about the rules - show how to swing a bat - also show how to feild - to run the base's hit homerun's.

baseball lecture

Caps and Hats
by: Flora, Oxnard, California

Describe in speaking instructions lessons how you can tailor made you school sports and collegiate caps and hats with logos in the latest styles and trends.

And for affordable prices. Your speech topics could be about the steps you have to take in getting cool caps for your friends. And the call to action could be: let us get those for us all. If you succeed in convincing and persuading them it would be great.

Further I will advice you to spice up your demonstration address with some persuasive arguments topics!

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Postal Packaging
by: Jaidyn

Shipping your letter envelop or small packages is subject to postage costs and many incommensurable services. What method to select? Help your audience with an example post package of one kilogram to ship overseas, that's to say figurative. You can push you luck and bring it yourself to the postal office and wait when you get a reply - with a registered official notice. For undergraduates who like to correspondend with a friend in very far foreign nations you can serve an eyeopener by guiding them. At first glance the content seems to be messy and confusing on the postal sites across the world. Offer them a way out in culling the justified path to the suitable service that meet the Two R's: Requirements and Requisites.

Run baby run ...
by: MaryAnne

Run as fast as you can is my only commendation for those want to learn to play baseballing by the book of rules. Run baby run, is repeatedly put forward by moviestars to get the key players in the field over the hump of some sort of mental struggle the feel. You could regard this mental state and the progress a team captain can materialize, and catch in a nice talk about altering the mindset of beginning fielders, catchers and pitchers in his college team.
So find put what the famou saying means to you and help them to get in the right state of power and success! Thank you.

by: Rob, Fort Wayne

Throw a curve baseball, cook a pizza, hit a homerun, kick a field gola, get a triple double, a quatruple double, a quintuple double.

by: Maggie, UK

Show them the ways to juggle with two, three of four baseballs. The techniques are cool ideas in speaking class for demonstration orals. I did it myself and my claas mates and teacher were impressed about how easy it is to juggle with tennis, golf and baseballs. Many like to do it now on the playground at school.

by: Brooke, Missouri

When you play volley ball you have to learn to bump, set, and spike. You also have to learn positions, etc...

by: Jill, Germany

How to pitch a softball.

Aerobic Trickz
by: Missy

how to do volleyball serves
volleyball bumps
olleyball spikes
decorate a cookie
decorate a cupcake
decorate a cake
do a backbend
do the splits
do a handstand
do a cartwheel

Wrestling Moves
by: Doug, Hatton ND USA

Show tactics.

by: Amanda Jones

Tactics to dribble a basketball.

No More Speeches!
by: Bob, Virginia

i think multiloquents should be illegal!!!! they are torture to us people who can't speak in public.

Other Sports
by: Clarence

Use the Wii Sports devices for example to demonstrate any kind of sport. When the weather is cold or it is raining ouside, you can deliver your public address inside and show the steps and moves on a big televison or beamer screen. An additional benefit is that your group members can do it themselves and you can correct them if they go wrong. It is just fun too to make them laughing all the time! :-)

Easy Chill
by: Celeste

Good chill in the category easy speech ideas to perform. Do the talk outside on a school baseball field! And coach your fellow students. You than could create interaction. Your teacher or public speaking instructor will love it the creative method of your performing in the open air mode.

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