How To ...

by Tanya

Tanya's how to demonstration speech topics:

1 get your keys out of a locked car
2 fix a flat tire on a bicycle
3 saddle horse (I did this and tooka video of saddling my horse and narrated it to my audience)
4 meditate
5 be a good student
6 make jewelrey.


Dirt Pudding
by: Kaleigh

For the dirt pudding you will need: 4 cups of milk, 2 packages of instant chocolate pudding, 16 ounces of cool whip, You also need: 32 ounces of crushed oreos, 16-20 clear cups.

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by: Aubree, Wetaskiwin, Can

Very familiar with so called sweepstakes? A irritating popup pops up and shout at you taht you are the lucky one who won a prize. The working and the pyramid-like game are based on commonly known secrets. Everyone is aware that sweepstake organizations do not choose your at random. It is a trick is frequently asserted. But: is that true, of is it really randomly choosen? What are the profits and why should you gamble with it? What is the disparity with pain ordinary lotteries. How to set up - through the eyes of the builder and the brain of the architects behind it. For further consideration: juxtapose the new facebook profile sweepstake techniques. Run a test trough the eyes of a visitor and the sight of the makers. It is introduced as a contest but is it a real game? Judge yourzelf and concince the others that your truth is the only that counts in this rebutting.

by: Kelli, Minnesota

Go through how you put on your hockey gear, and then tell about the past information of hockey and such.

Play Dumb
by: Star, Janesville

You can always pretend you do not know what anyone is talking about. You can dye your hair blonde or darkbrown or hennah colored. You can tan a lot and wear way too much cover up, and eye liner. :-)

Speech Topic Ideas
by: Cheyenne , Waupaca, WI

Wash your dog in the bathroom.
Work your computer.
Memorize a verse for Christman Carol evenings.
Break up with a bf / gf.
Beg to your parents for some momey to go out.

My List
by: Maria

Burn a cd.
Use an ipod.
Bake a cake.
Frosting a cake or decorating it.
To make lipgloss shiny.
Lotion your feet.
Brush your teeth.
Sing well in the local church choir.

Fast Apple Salad
by: Alejandra, Cervantes

This is a topic idea you can work out for an expository who do it yourself.

by: Anonymous

Wisely patience and confidently on all consumers that ask for polite answers in public areas.

by: Samantha Gross,Bay City Mi

Use the gas.
Stear the wheel.
Press the brake.
Watch the traffic rules carefully.

Play Soccer
by: Keka, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

The steps to prepare for playing soccer. The European version of football. The things that you need to play soccer.

by: Jo-bob-jim-carl-jo-jo-jo

You is good at makin' them guides on retardism.

[ According to the dictionary retardism means: A philosophy or the actual physical act that demonstrates one's stupidity and good statements thereof ~ Jim ]

Be a Retard
by: Chinco Balee, Chinatown, Mexico

All you have to do is this ... Wear tight clothes (make sure they are backwards). There has to be a constant flow of druel running down your chin. Whenever you talk, you must mumble in yourself. When you walk, make sure your arms are wiggling around a lot. When you smile at someone you like, make your nose real big. If someone asks you what your favorite music is: Say polka, or gangsta rap ... or maybe even: old school video game background music (if you think your retard enough). And lastly ...

MAKE SURE THAT YOU FEED VEGATABLES TWICE A DAY (especially asparagus) Thats how to be a retard ...

Play Volleyball
by: Raquel, Bensalem

I think playin volleyball is a good sport. It is my favorite sport out of all the other muscle intensive activities i like.

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