20 High School Speech Class Eliciting Subjects

High school speech class traces in which I introduce original icebreaking starters for grades 9 up to 12 rationale and practice oratory assignments.

1. Antiques - pick an interesting period or movement from centuries ago. Such as aesthetic movements of pop art, colonial periods, Renaissance.

2. Architecture - show them the building of a house. From the drawings of an architect to the construction maths and the creation itself.

3. Art History - select a favorite art object and place it in its context in the period the painter, craftsman or stylist designer lived and worked.

4. Designing - how are things designed? Think for example about logos, bottles, cars, the styles. With this theme you can cover a lot of very interesting high school speech class topic range.

5. E-Commerce - what is it? And why you should know about it when you are online every day.

6. Employment - the figures in our economy, and the patterns and policies the economic authorities use to apply in responding problems.

7. Financial Services - why and for what you have to watch out. And point out which ones are the good and bad guys.

8. Small Business - give 5 tips to start your own business.

9. E-Books - no more hard covers for school! Tell and show the audience how they are best used and purchased for less.

10. Virtual Reality - the possibilities for your school.

11. Travel Health - give handy advices and tips for trips abroad.

12. Parliamentary Procedures - look at your country and show the way it is ruled in parliament.

13. Internet Broadcasts - the purposes and how?

14. Caribbean Islands - pick your favorite.

15. European Union - how it works and what it stands for.

16. Philosophers - like Plato, Confucius, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Descartes, Schopenhauer, or Kierkegaard. They all have a story to tell...

17. Religious Symbols and what they stand for.

18. Lifestyle Choices. A little bit likewise to financial services - watch out who you are dealing with in real life and the party scenes.

19. Film Noir - The French movie movement in the fifties and sixties of the previous century and its place in history, plus the influences in nowadays films and documentaries.

20. Forgotten Wars - because some wars and conflicts are not in the news...

21. Myths and how to bust them. Ideal high school speech class topics to demonstrate :-) But of course beware for dangerous experiments!

22. Actors or Actresses - why she or he is very special for Hollywood or Bollywood productions.

23. Extreme Sports - for example sky diving, snow boarding, motor racing, and paragliding.

24. Olympic Games, you know, each sports discipline also can serve as ideal springboard for more: