5 High School Graduation Speech Topics and Prompts

High school graduation speech topics for the best adress on commencement events and tips for an extra public speaker punch. Ah, you are the lucky one. Perhaps lucky is a strong word. Perhaps is the honored one better :-)

If you are one of the high profile students, such as the valedictorian or one of the class or student council officers, it does not always mean you know how to behave like a public speaker at your commencement:

There are several things that will make your high school graduation speech topics go from generic to stupendous.

Wouldn't you like to give your graduating class a talk that will stir memories from the past years of hard work? (For example on good persuasive statements? :-)

If you want a generic one that gives broad promises about hope for the future and other clich├ęs, you can go to any ceremony or celebration. Rather give it some extra punch.

So, just what do you include? Here are some of my best tips and speech ideas to keep in mind when writing.

Include stories about your school. These high school graduation speech topics can be about teachers and funny things that have happened over the year.

Tip # 2 EVENTS
Include motivational or moving events that may have happened - perhaps volunteer opportunities that have changed the students' perspective. Make sure that any major events that have happened are recognized.

Sports and music events that have been important to the school need to be recognized, even if it happened in one of the prior years of your class and not the graduating year.

Bring the class experience alive for those attending the graduation. Grandparents and parents, as well as siblings, have heard the names from school.

Bring the people to the campus life that they have heard about.

If a fellow student or teacher has died, mention that person. Make it not a funeral obituary eulogy but recognize them for the family who might be present.

Mention any projects that the school has undertaken; if you have been involved in a community garden or other volunteer organization give credit for the impact it has made.

By using personal high school graduation speech topics that your class relates to you are giving your graduation address an intimacy and memory that can not be duplicated by other graduates.

It will stand out in time. All will remember you, and most and for all your performance as an outstanding public speaker:

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