Heterogeneous Varation

by Praneeth Babu Marella
(South Dakota)

Well, I wrote these demonstration speech ideas because I have to do a demonstrative presentation in my class and I experienced how hard it is to pick a topic:
Fly an starters RC plane (it is not easy to fly it believe me);
Scribe a good poem;
How to be an ninja (PS Joking sorry);
How to fly an real RC plane (only show this outdoors and only if you are good);
Pot a plant;
Make a birdhouse;
Build a model;
Make jello Jigglers;
Arrange flowers;
Polish Shoes;
Decorate a cake;
Stamp geeting cards;
Make ornaments;
Color eggs;
Make a pinata;
Fold napkins in a funny way;
Tie Die shirts;
(I will try to add more)

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Good and Interactive Speech Tips
by: Jordan, Morgantown, WV, USA

- Try to tie your talents into what your speech is about;
- Such as singing, dancing, rap, playing an instrument, or anything!
- Try to think of something everybody in your high school knows about;
- Such as the cha cha slide and instead of saying the moves, say y u want to be that.
- Speak loudly and clearly even if u have a time limit, i doubt they will stop u in the middle of ur speech topics.
- Make eye contact with everybody and dont forget to smile! :)
- Use good facial gestures like winking and such.
- Use hand gestures like thumbs up.
- Have a theme like urself as a superhero, or if your running for a recrational thing like a king or queen or princess in a parade then if the theme is like strawberry festival; you can dress like a strawberry or a vine.

by: Jack, New York

How to stand still for 3 mins.

by: Anonymous

How to: have good school spirit,
take care of your dad when he's sick,
be a GREAT Nebraska Fan.

by: Inafa, Maldives

Write poems and stories in your own treasure notebook. Spawn the day dreams in reality.

by: Shelby, Nashville

Please help with a topic! Something more detailed and a bit more difficult?

How to Make Bear
by: Francis, St.Charles, MO

First you get pipe a bottle some water & Sugar ( A pound of Sugar) Corn or rice a good fire source then you set up some sort of distillation apparatus. You mix the corne or rice with Sugar in water heat it up, distillation occurs and you have it.

Best Demonstration Speech
by: Toni

How to do a British Accent.

Demonstrative Ideas
by: Anonymous

How to wrap a present.

by: Zara, Ohio

The human cannonball ejected from a prepared cannon. The preps, the design of the show, the set up of the vehicle, the performance itself, the way a pilot trains. All points to talk about the steps.

Book Reviews
by: Violet, WY

Explain your public speaking audience the ways to write a good book review. (Handy for writing an eassy too) Ans parkle this good speech topic with a nice example they could discuss and assess.
1. Start with the basic information about the book: title, author, publishing date, subject.
2. Offer a brief summary of the content.
3. And than give your judgement about the statement of the writer of the storyline and characters involved.
4. Perhaps you could also examine the viewpoints and purpose of the author in question.

Music Themes
by: Harriet, UK

Demonstration speech ideas could be these: writing a lyrics for a song, forming a music band, doing audition.

by: Lena

What animals are killed in large quantities?
What are animals taken away from their natural habitat?
How does having animals taken away from their natural habitat effect the food chain?
How can we stop animals out of their natural habitat?

Easy Too
by: Anna

All you need to do is prolong a simple thing like planting seeds. Anything simple can be made into a cool speech about basically nothing!

Easy Speech
by: Anna

How to make a simple speech into a five minute speech. Tell them how you did it easy with the Minute section half trough the left side!

by: Jola

Whip a sock-puppet, shave, hatch a fruit pizza, make oatmeal, draw a picture in 3 minutes, and solve a rubix cube.

by: Gani

Describe the types and styles of gymnastics. Individual, all-around, group and individual events with the rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon as floor exercises.

by: Rebecca, California

Cook up a peanut butter an / or peanut butter & jelly sandwich toast.

by: Samy

Become a puck - that is a mythological fairy or land spirit. Like the Robin Goodfellow hero in the movies.

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