40 Group Discussion Topics in 4 Leagues

Group discussion topics, ideas and themes categorized in four special types of public speaking speech topics for small or large number of persons. I have invented a list of fourthy public speaking topics for discussions and analyses in debates between people. They can be used in communication class for persuasive speaking assignments or education articles. Especially exploring a youth subject of discourse is an ideal method to test listening, interhuman, persuasive and presentation skills of students.

There are roughly four types:

1. Factual propositions
2. Controversial and argumentative issues
3. Abstract discussion material
4. Case studies

1. Factual group discussion topics are - as the word says - about facts. This is a sample list of speech topics on current issues and facts:

* Conspiracy is a very common form of political behaviour.
* The pros and cons of having a credit card.
* A chain gang is a modern form of slavery.
* Why drinking and driving is dangerous to yourself and others.
* Passive smoking is equally harmful.
* The economic boycott causes most of the problems in Cuba.
* International trade barriers work.
* City curfews help to prevent juvenile crime and to protect youth from
* The U.N. is mainly based on diplomacy and enhancing relationships.
* Affirmative action draws people to work they never considered before.

2. A controversial speech topic is one with many controversies, read: the pros and the cons. Keep in mind that all current group discussion topics are not my opinion, but just a sample list of speech topics!

I repeat this now and then to be clear to public speakers who look for fresh ideas. Play with them till they fit you.

* Sustainable urban living without the use of excessive natural resources must be
   our future.
* Are there extraterrestrials who influence events on Earth?
* Marijuana has a medical value.
* Direct mail is a special form of junk mail.
* The pros and cons of a female President.
* Online dating chats have nothing to do with a search for a soul mate.
* Should schools distribute condoms?
* Most people support embryonic stem cell research.
* Life imprisonment is a good alternative to capital punishment.
* What is wrong with child labor?

3. More abstract discussion topics for a group are things that cannot be touched, not be easily defined or formulated.

Just think in a creative manner and start a vivid group discussion with one of these abstract motifs to talk about:

* The Nostradamus Code - value of these predictions on judicial astrology.
* Breast Implants - saline and silicone types and safety.
* Bribery in Business - why it is unethical and not honest, and causes inequality.
* Computer Viruses - recent attacks and removal strategies.
* Bigamy - compare federal laws with state regulation.
* Hidden Persuaders - why subliminal advertising is banned.
* Moral Majority - examine the faith and values of this political action coalition.
* Hippocratic Oath - ethical medical professional behavior in modern times.
* Political Correctness - when does this policy cross a line?
* Vegetarianism - benefits and disadvantages of such a diet in relation to the food

4. The fourth type of group discussion topics are so-called case studies.
You determine a problem and together with the other team members you have to find a satisfying solution.

These are small-team ideas. Just modify and alter where necessary, these are just guiding light topic ideas:

* Leadership - What necessary changes are needed in your community organization
   and how do you want to lead the process?
* Malpractice Insurance - Doctors walk out on the job to protest the rising
   malpractice insurance costs. What to do about it?
* Work Ethics - Can we shape workers who have the sense that they serve the
   company ├índ community?
* School Violence - What are the real causes of violence and bullying in Schools?
* Recycling - Sort out how to make money with recycling.
* Dropouts - Individual attention in safe schools and smaller classes; is that the
   way to stop students to drop out?
* Iraq - What are the best exit strategies?
* Privacy - What are the best technologies to safeguard the right of free
   speech privacy on the internet?
* Minimum Wage - Why should we have a minimum wage or why not?
* Burnout - Should everybody check his or herself of burnout signs? How?

Tip: Try to make an inventory of various angles of view and opinions you find in education articles on the themes you consider to work out as group discussion topics:

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