Do The Great Speech Topic Test!

Great speech topic checklist with 10 points to think about before you write on top subjects and it helps to beat fear of public speaking :-) Although there is no special magic formula, it is a good custom to keep these writing tips in mind:

1. The most important thing in finding material for verbal tasks is to choose something which you are interested in - a topic you like. If you are bored, then great chance the persons in front of you will be bored and drop out.

In short, a great speech topic must respond to these factors:
  • Really turns you on;

  • Be something you are already interested in;

  • Be material you always wanted to know more about but didn't have the time to find out;

  • Be something you love to talk about;

  • Be something you already have some knowledge about:

2. Another important check is this: does your wonderful idea for an essay or spoken text fits the assignment rules and the requirements perfect? Do no hesitate to tweak and vary where necessary and needed.

3. What are the benefits for your audience, in other words: what's in it for them?
Find out:
  • Who your listeners are;

  • What they want, like or need;

  • What angles they possibly would choose. What do the audience members think are great topics?
4. Now compare the order of your main points with the priorities the audience would give to the information presented.

5. Is your topic for a great persuasive speech really manageable in the given time? Think about your research efforts.

Do you have enough time to make a valuable presentation in the alloted time slot?

6. Are you willing to research in order to enhance your own knowledge? How extensive is your systematic inquiry or investigation?

Anyway, facts and data must be reliable.

7. What is your general purpose, and even more important: the specific purpose of your public presentation?

8. Consider the length of total wordings and lines, did you focus your great speech topic in such a way that it fits the maximum speaking time?

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9. Is the final choice you have made exclusive and appropriate enough for the vocal situation, I mean in this case the style of the occasion and the place where you have to act?

10. And last but not least: always really believe in what you are saying: are you really enthusiastic about your beliefs and intentions that you include comprehensively in between the lines?

They only conclusion could be that this number ten tip is really a fear of public speaking killer! If you are real in what you convey, they will listen.

Can you say loud and clear: Yeah, this is a great speech topic: