30 Grade 6 Speech Topics - All Abcs

Grade 6 speech topics for class projects or other educational oral lessons in which you need cool hints:

1. My trip abroad to Europe or Latin-America.

2. Monitoring butterflies in the field outside and in our garden.

3. Aztec masks and their amazing stories and secrets hidden inside.

4. Mythological monsters such as the Minotaur and Nymphs.

5. How to organize a fun weekend for the whole family.

6. If I was born hundred years ago, I would be ...:

7. African masks and their meaning in holy rituals.

8. Ancient Chinese emperors and their interesting uniform and dress looks.

9. The Ice Age; when, how and the causes are good
    K-6 subjects to come across.

10. Pollution sources in our world, and what to do
     about them in a cost-friendly way at home.

11. A Day In the life of a kid in Ancient Rome, copare it with your own modern life.

12. Discovering caves are cool grade 6 speech topics to tell something more and
     show them the work of speleologists.

13. Traditional fairy tales from around the world - remember the thick book of the
     Grimm Brothers?

14. Puppets and their funny looking but indeed very serious theatrical performances
     from Java, Indonesia.

15. The Diary of Anne Frank (book or movie) and the meaning today.

16. My penpal or better: email-pal from the other side of the world.

17. The secrets of the Egypt King Tutankhamun.

18. If I was a journalist, I should investigate ...

19. If I won one million dollars, I would .. .

20. When I am grown up I want to become a / an ...

21. Last weekend I was at ...

22. The funniest thing that ever happened to me this month or year.

23. Things that make you happy right away if you have the power to buy or dictate.

24. Ways I use to relax.

25. Favorite sports moments.

26. The character I want to be in a movie the hero with heroic courage / or the
     villain who gets the worst of it in the end.

27. My most memorable vacation trip till now.

28. The best summer camp games I have ever played and enjoyed very much.

29. My favorite spot in the woods near our cabin.

30. And last, but not least: your most favorite memories are also
     great grade 6 speech topics too to talk about in school.

Good luck with these ideas! Have fun in playing with them till they fit you and the interests of your class!

Ask others if they like your best choice before you start preparing your presentation: