20 Funny Speech Topics For Students Unsurpassed

Funny speech topics for students I have invented over the years and tested in my communications classes with real young people as critic arbiters who settles the disputes about the candidate public speaking speech title lines. And here are the results of that high-honored jury:

 1. What to do on a desert island.
 2. Top 5 bad business slogans.
 3. The 1963 Great Train Robbery reviewed.
 4. How to install cameras in lockerrooms nobody can discover.
 5. The meaning of colors in different world cultures.
 6. How to make your home burglar proof.
 7. What I like to invent for mankind.
 8. How to pretend to be a good international exchange student.
 9. What to write in a message in a bottle if you're trapped on an island.
10. Things to do in a traffic jam.

Now for a few funny speech topics for students:

11. Posters with two pin-pointing eyes make graduates more productive.

watchful staring eyes study

Search for the study about eyes on posters and what they can make you do by typing in 'watchful staring eyes' in the searchbox on top or below ... And see what you can discover to create an exclusive whimsical interactive persuasive public speaking speech.

12. How to solve problems during air travel.
13. Lawsuits and common sense don't match.
14. Kids should get more pocket money.
15. Throw constantly ringing cell phones in public out of the window.

16. A snoring partner costs you a few years of sleep in a lifetime.
17. What we can learn from animals when they are looking for food - baby chimpanzees are perfect study material.
18. Produce your own theater play!
19. Why people look like their dogs:
  1. Where comes the attraction to pets with similar physical looks from (long or curly hair, and so on);
  2. They even behave like them when walking on the steets;
  3. Is it a mirror the pet-owners want for their own nature?

20. Lets bust myths: appearance is important and size does matter.

Scan the other pages in my Fun and Humor section for more public speaking speech ideas for students. Perhaps not sidesplitting, but they lead to grinning broadly smiles from the front row to the outer backseats. Or search my site for handy hints and tips on drafting and writing an oral.

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