30 Funny Speech Topic Ideas Unlocked

Funny speech topic ideas for public speaking including typical informational, representative persuasive and fun speech topics for kids.
In most dictionaries the term is defined as: something that provides mirth or amusement. That's the basic working principle of the upcoming lists.

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You know that not everyone has the same tastes or sense of humor ... :-)

But see it as an attempt to help you to get a good reaction.


First ten examples of convivial informatives:

1. Tips for merging two households.

2. Three ways to write the best gift card for birthday parties.

3. How to decode the secret signs of baseball catchers.

4. Five ways to keep going a boring conversation at a cocktail party.

5. How to act like your are an earth-friendly person.

6. Trics to remember names when you forget them all the time.

7. How to address the President, a Senator, a Representative, Member of Parliament, the Pope, the Queen and other high officials. What are their styles of office, or to put it formal: their honorifics.

8. A ride in a hot air balloon from take off to save landing under supervized professional guidance.

9. Ways to live on the cheap spending as little money as you can (ideal fun speeches for student public speaking :-).

10. How to drive unwanted visitors crazy by painting a psychedelic wall mural.

Ten persuasive funny speech topic samples:

1. Men remember this for once and for all: women want brightcolored, funny and worthless goodies as a gift.

2. Do's and don'ts when visiting a new mother and her little newborn crying out loud baby.

3. Being rude is the only way to get off telemarketers in notwanted phonecalls.

4. It should be made illegal to watch a video on your smartphone while driving a car. Really, some peole do this ...

5. Tips to take toll high ways or bridges without paying a penny.

6. Let others pay your holiday trips with the perfect collect call strategy.

7. Decorating your college apartment with a low budget according to the latest furniture fashion trends.

8. How to handle well-meaning people you do not like and try to avoid by all means.

9. Effective optical cleaning methods for your home shortly before your parents arrive.

10. The ten commandments in a restaurant boys and girls room.

Ten kid funny speech topic ideas to alter as one pleases:

1. How to drive the baby-sitter crazy in one hour.

2. Tips for chosing a practical lunch box, and above all a cool one.

3. Behaving requirements in a chique restaurant when having a dinner with your parents.

4. Ways to re-use stickers that are not sticky anymore. Or list many bumpersticker texts and see if they could be turned into a funny speech topic!

5. Odd shaped ice cubes in a snap in the coller fridge at home.

6. Tips to answer the phone well when you are asked to pick up.

7. Three fun games to play at beach without a ball.

8. Sleeping a night in the backyard with a friend.

9. The funniest amusement parks you have been in your life.

10. How to design your own personal place mat.

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